Turkish Warships Pass Greek Islands

90E6719114205B2460EDEFA4D2FE5565The Turkish Navy was again provocative as, for the second time this week, two Turkish warships passed by eight Greek islands.

The missile ship ZIPKIN and the frigate YILDIRIM entered and violated the national territorial waters between Mykonos, Naxos, Syros, Kea, Gyaros, Amorgos, Euboea and Andros.

In the last seven days, this is the second time that the Turkish warships have violated the Greek territorial waters. The warships were participating in a naval exercise called Thalassolikos (Sea Dog}, that is taking  place near Rhodes, when authorities said they veered off course.

The Turkish warships instead of returning to their positions at the Dardanelles and move on to a straight course,  chose to sail for about 12 hours between eight Greek islands violating the Greek territorial waters.

According to the announcement by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, the Turkish warships ZIPKIN and YILDIRIM violated the territorial waters coming from the south-eastern Aegean at 09:40 and 13:15 respectively  the east of Amorgos. Then they moved between Mykonos and Naxos, on to the south of Syros, with an north-western course between Kea and Gyaros and left the national territorial waters at 21:20 between South Euboea and South Andros.


  1. WHY ISN’T THE GREEK MILITARY DOING ANYTHING. “he warships were participating in a naval exercise called Thalassolikos (Sea Dog}, that is taking place near Rhodes, when authorities said they veered off course” Veered off course more like an exercise for an invasion (highly doubtful but just speculating). How can the authorities say they veered of course, how can you mistake the islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Syros, Kea, Gyaros, Amorgos, Euboea and Andros for the DARDANELLES!!!!!!
    Then you wonder why parties like Golden Dawn want to jump up and down and cause a riot.
    If Greece had the money drastic action should be taken!!!. As a friend once told me the UN is just a toothless tiger.

  2. Your concerns are both correct, justified and the reality of the situation is disgusting. All military exercises with Turkey should be indefinitely suspended, and the military should be put on high alert. Also, those S-300 anti-aircraft missiles that have been put into storage for years now without having been used once should be deployed and aimed straight across the Aegean Sea as a deterrent. Unfortunately though, we have politicians without balls, who are thieves, and who have sold Greece to places like Germany… Anywhere else in the world, this would have caused a HUGE conflict. One day, the Turks will pay my friend…Greece cannot be in crisis forever…

  3. Turkey has USA support; therefore, the Turks r untouchable. As for organisations like the UN – they r all toothless tigers when there is no self invested interest. Perhaps, Greece needs to say “hey guys there is oil/petrol there!” Then lets see how these officials will reactk

  4. Konstantina, Greece has already announced the findings of oil in the Aegean, and do you remember what happened? Turkey was not deterred one bit! Not even against Israel, who supposedly was cooperating with Cyprus and Greece on oil exploration and extraction. What ended up happening was that Israel apologized to Turkey for the Mavi Marmara incident, and agreed to “normalize relations”. So in the end, the possibility of making a profit from oil it seems is outweighed by even a slight risk of armed conflict or jeopardizing relations with a trade partner in the eyes of these people. Therefore, we are on our own. As for the Turks being untouchable, I disagree. Israel was supposed to be untouchable, but look at what has been happening with the PLO and Hezbollah. The Kurds have been fighting the Turks for the longest time, and yet, the U.S. doesn’t get involved… The one thing Greece cannot do is allow these kinds of illegal incursions into our territorial waters and airspace to continue. Thus, in my view, deterrent measures are called for. The world may end up seeing these measures as a threat to global security, and maybe get scared enough that someone more powerful will tell Turkey to fu*k off.

  5. I don’t get the point of this. How do you make the same “navigation error” twice in one week? And the fact that they were there for 12 HOURS means they were in no hurry to leave. Erdogan sure has some strange agendas lately.

  6. The “do something” aspect costs money. Greece cannot wait on either NATO nor UN to do anything as they have never done anything about similar events. Greece should had for a long time now, and should had made this as a top priority from day one of EU talks, the participation and engagement of EU country members’ military forces to assist in guaranteeing, protecting, and sustaining the Greek boarders which are also the EU boarders. Violations should be dealt with warnings and economic sanctions towards Turkey as economic growth is one of the reasons the current government in Turkey has been enjoying a relative stubility.

  7. The Greeks will wake up one morning to find their Turkish masters in their beds.
    As usual they will wait until the last minute to prepare any action and will then want to pass a law which will require a vote by the the worthless parliament.
    By then it will all be over!

  8. Absolutely agree on every point! There’s a lot of things Greece should have done, but now we are in the worse of predicaments. To ask the EU for help protecting our borders from Turkey, after a third of a trillon euro bailout loan we may not be able to repay, and after they sent frontex agents to “protect” our borers from illegal immigrants, may prove to be too optimistic a proposition. Also, though I agree that economic sanctions by the EU would be highly effective in this situation, EU countries would likely not agree to go through with them, simply because protecting Greek sovereignty is worth much less to them than maximizing trade profits.

  9. Do nothing….is the best policy. Erdogan is in trouble and he would dearly love to stir a conflict. I know all of you want to let your testosterone to express itself, but we need to be smarter.

  10. Alithia is absolutely correct, here.

    To all those saying that Greece should wake up and do something, well, you’re just getting excited.

    jets and ships have always been entering Greek territorial waters and
    airspace. Sometimes there’s a quiet spell, sometimes they enter three or
    four times a week. Twice in one week isn’t anything exciting. Normally,
    what used to happen up until very recently ago, if a Turkish jet
    entered Greek airspace, is two Greek jets would intercept… Then, there
    might be a mock dogfight whereby the Turkish pilot just uses it for
    training, and then they turn around and leave. OK, maybe not a “mock”
    dogfight… The Turkish jets would sometimes not leave until a Greek jet
    gets a missile lock on them…

    Nevertheless, this is nothing
    new, there won’t be a war because of some Turkish jets and ships
    entering Greek waters and airspace. Greece has bigger problems to deal
    with.. Let the turkish air force and navy waste their fuel. In fact, not
    very long ago, I’m sure you all remember, when a Greek jet
    did go up to intercept a Turkish jet, the two planes collided and the
    Greek pilot lost his life whilst the Turkish pilot ejected safely.

    a Turkish landing craft were to enter Greek territorial waters, or they
    were getting involved in reconnaissance missions, then the Greek
    military would respond. But if it’s just air and naval incursions with
    no other purpose than to intimidate and test the Greeks, then why should
    the Greek military spend its money to train the Turkish pilots on how
    to evade a missile lock from Greek jets and risk Greek lives in the
    process and why should the Greeks waste their money intercepting ships
    so that the Turkish Navy can work out Greek naval tactics.

    the Greek economy recover, and then perhaps the two countries can get
    back to their war games. Until then, let the Turks get bored and let
    them twiddle their thumbs. They can enter Greek airspace any time they
    want, and without a response, they’ll eventually get bored. If they
    persist, then perhaps Greece can save up the money from sending up one
    or two jets every time, and then one time surprise them with a show of
    force that will make the Turkish pilot wet himself with fear. This sort
    of unpredictable behavior from the Greek military would be more
    effective than the same old intercept and return back to base, each

  11. This Is why we should all vote for the Golden Dawn. They constantly claim that they will establish the Agean sea as a Greek sea and will place all Ant-Aircraft systems avalible on the Islands closest to Turkey. Simply good. LONG LIVE VICTORY!

  12. Pathetic. Last time a Turkish jet entered Syrian airspace the Syrian military shot it down using Soviet era air defense systems.
    Greece has the latest Patriot and S300 air defense systems and a modern Navy, and yet the Turkish airforce and navy is permitted to get away with this kind of territorial aggression. This is nothing other than a invasion of Greece by the Turkish military with the corrupt weaklings of the Greek governing coalition refusing to deploy the Greek armed forces in their natural task of defending Greek territory. The Greek military has the legal right to sink these Turkish warships which violate Greek territorial waters so deliberately and so regularly!

  13. The Turkish navy and airforce are practicing for future invasions of Greek islands closest to the Turkish coastline. This is simply a drill for a very real future military operation against Greece. Once Golden Dawn takes power in Greece, there will be no more incursions of Turkish warships or Turkish aircraft into Greek territory. The Turks will know that the Greek military will send these Turkish warships straight to the bottom of the Aegean and shoot the Turkish aircraft straight out of the sky. Greece has 206 F16’s and Mirage 2000’s, versus 240 Turkish F16’s, Greece also has far superior air defences than the Turks. Greece deploys the Patriot and S300 air defense systems. Turkish fighter jets would be shot out of the skies quite easily as soon as Golden Dawn gave the order. This nightmare is coming for Turkey. The Turks will pay for their aggression and arrogance. Golden Dawn will lead Greece into a brave new future!

  14. You can rest assured that when Golden Dawn takes power, they will deploy the S300’s from day one. Vote and support Golden Dawn. Ignore the anti-Golden Dawn smear campaign being orchestrated by the tainted crooks of New Democracy, PASOK, DIMAR, ANEL, SYRIZA and KKE. (at the behest of their Zionist masters – yes, that’s right, at the behest of their Zionist Masters from the World Jewish Congress, the European Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Committee, and the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece just to name a few)

  15. Greece needs to wake up and understand that the United States of America, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, EU, and last but not least Israel, have nothing but their own interests as their only concern and will never ever in one thousand years assist Greece in securing it’s sovereign borders from the Turkish aggressors. Indeed half the reason that the Turks are even carrying on this way is because the above said nations have given them the green light (and the military weaponry required) to do so. Golden Dawn already knows this. Golden Dawn has stated the truth. Greece needs to stand up for itself.

  16. Andrea, you are correct in the idea of letting the Turks waste their oil/fuel reserves sending jets and warships until they get bored. However, I cannot agree that we should not respond at all. This is not my testosterone expressing itself…but we have a sovereign nation in our hands, a country that has endured 400 years of slavery from that same aggressor. If we do nothing, the risk is that the Turkish government will go farther and farther until things eventually go too far. My idea is to “nip it in the bud”. I do not want armed conflict, but I do want respect for our nation and its sovereign rights. And in response to your concern that by sending up jets we are wasting oil, why not simply do what MSMlies suggests, and finally deploy those S-300s that have been locked up for years? They can lock onto 12 targets simultaneously, and track a hundred targets at once. No need to send any fighter jets here…

  17. You’re going to get very little support on “do nothing” in here.

    We have no geopolitical, economic or strategic advantage. We know it, Turkey knows it and so do the major powers. Unless we want to welcome “our new Russian friends, we are not going to get any help form the President Hussein in the US. Nor anything more then lip service from the EU. So we are on our own. Worse still, because Hussein is playing a geopolitical game he’s losing in the Middle East, we may land up as the sacrificial pawn.

    Wait. Do nothing. If we are lucky, Turkey gets into it with Iran and Inshah’Allah (God be willing), they slaughter each other like rabid dogs. Problem solved for a generation.

  18. I agree with Alithia, Turkish leader Erdogan is struggling with half the country protesting in the streets telling him to resign. This is nothing more than an attempt to regain some popularity by fabricating a “common enemy”. That aside most countries send their planes and ships into neighbouring territory to learn something about their defences. It’s infuriating but you need to take the moral highground and avoid a military response.

  19. Yes, Greece has the capacity to wage a war against Turkey. Yes, it has a modern air force and Navy. But don’t you see, all the wars that are fought recently are wars between big superior militaries and nation states with old outdated militaries.

    The Turkish military is as modern as the Greek one, only larger! Greece has some POTENTIAL strategic advantages in its favor, mainly its Aegean islands… but such potential is not necessarily realised, nor is it a Green line to start getting more assertive in the region.

    Shoot down one jet and you risk setting off a chain reaction. Perhaps the natural Turkish response to us shooting down a Turkish jet would be to destroy our S300 systems or Patriot systems. So we shoot more jets down that are on their way to destroy our systems, and then they say, forget planes, we’ll send cruise missiles (if they have them) or rockets instead.

    Let the S300 and patriot systems be used for a real war, not be the cause of a war.

    And trust me, missiles are more expensive than jet fuel.

    There is no “nipping Turkish aggression in the bud” without total destruction of its military – which won’t happen without a REAL war, in which Greece risks having its own military completely and utterly destroyed, and even in the off chance that Greece did win, Turkey would have its military rebuilt by America, AND have a score to settle.

    In 1996, the two countries almost went to war over Imia/kardak. very strong rumour has it that Greek Mirage jet shot down a Turkish F16 with a heatseeker, which at the time was covered up with American compliance in order to PREVENT a war in the region. this alone should have been enough to “nip Turkish aggression in the bud”… but it wasn’t. Then the crash of a Greek and turkish jet just a few years ago, also should have “nipped Turkish aggression in the bud”… but it didn’t..

    The balance of power establish post WWII in the region by NATO has it that as much as Greece and Turkey piss each other off, neither country will get away with unilateral declaration of war against each other. The best thing is for the two countries to work together for peace. Turkey knows the red lines that it can’t cross. If Greece declares its expanded territorial waters, Turkey knows that it can’t actually go to war. What turkey would love, is for Greece to lose its temper one day, to shoot down a Turkish jet, and then to use that as a pretext for greater Turkish military presence in the region and no international recognition of Greece’s 12 nautical mile territorial waters.

    Turkey pursues its policy of aggression and intimidation, knowing full well that if it strikes first, it loses, and if Greece strikes first, it wins.

    Turkey will continue to intimidate up until and even after Greece declares its expanded territorial waters. Greece must keep its cool. If it overcomes the crisis, and its economy grows, Greece will be in a better position than Turkey to accrue further advanced military equipment. Its ability to defend its territory and interests will improve, and Turkey’s policy of aggression will eventually become futile.

    To do nothing, UNLESS red lines are crossed, really is the best option.

  20. LOOOOOOL. Just grab a frappe bitchez & watch the war ships sail on by….and don’t forget to talk about 5000 year old history. That should get your heart rate up.

  21. Stop stealing my brain! LOL!

    I’m not sure that spending the time writing an extensive, logical, well thought out, reasonable response is worth it in here. In a few days, this article will be buried and nobody will read it.

  22. If there’s the chance, no matter how small, to sway the opinion of some younger and less experienced readers, or to sway the opinion of some older individuals whose hot-headedness has not yet mellowed, then it’s worth it. And if that effort fails, then at least there’s the chance to persuade other readers that the commenters on this news-site aren’t a bunch of trigger happy Turk-hating individuals (not to say that all those that are for a stronger military response against Turkish incursions into Greek territory are Turk haters, it was mainly just to emphasize a point).

    I’m of the opinion that discussion and debate is not only healthy, but a fundamental and necessary part of any democracy. This news site is not just a news-site, but through the comments section, a platform for such debate and discussion. The article presents a story or a situation, and the comments turn it into a political discussion.

    It is the duty for those with a differing opinion to the majority of commenters on these comments sections, to speak up and to offer that different view point. Otherwise, there is the risk that the comments section will turn into a hot-bed of one sided, self-fueling aggressive rhetoric that may sway some of the more easily influenced individuals into sharing the more extreme viewpoints.

    Finally, the Greek Reporter is actually one of the very few ways in which Greek news and current affairs is accessible to Greeks and non-Greeks from around the world. In fact, I would say that people from Turkey probably constitute one of the largest percentage of readers outside of Greece and Cyprus – a very topical point considering the nature of this article. Just because not many people comment on these articles, does not mean that many others don’t read those comments. The integrity of this news-site, which serves a very important role to Greeks of the diaspora, and to non-Greeks that are interested in the region, risks being damaged if all the comments are dominated by one sided viewpoints, and dare I say, Golden Dawn extremists.

  23. greece is vulnerable..greece’s military has a shortage of fuel..America struck a deal with greece for 400 new M1 Abram tanks and greece can’t afford the money to transport them. both turkey and greece have financial constraints but turkey is much more desperate..

  24. simply because turkey is in a position where they can and will as long as america is on their side..

  25. you are correct..as long as america is on turkey side they will do plenty of damage..greece tried to hide the fact its military never suffered a fuel shortage..well it does and turkey knows it..turkey has m1 abram tanks supplied to them free of charge while greece is still waiting on the theirs..greece will fail a counter offensive..its like ‘1974’ again!!

  26. This is an old tactic that tyrants have used for centuries. Turkey is on the brink of a civil war. What better way to whip up patriotic unity than a war with their traditional enemy, Greece? Erdogon would love nothing more. Let them sail and go home.

  27. Very well thought out. But don’t marginalize the Golden Dawn. 20% and only going up. A different “world order” and a better economy and those ships would think three times before doing it again.

  28. I dont wanna be the one who ressurects a 2 month old thread but unfortunately here it goes. First up i’d like to apologise if any of you get upset at me for the comments im about to say but first up im Turkish myself, and here is my point of view. The Turkish government for years has played this game with Greece, not just with military stuff but everything else. Anytime Turkey gets something new the government likes to show it off sort of like primary school kids in the playground saying “Look at what i have, i bet you dont have the same”. Examples are as you all know Turkish planes flying into Greek Airspace, the Turkish warships comming into Greek territorial waters, its just as i sayed its just showing off like saying “Hey check out my ships, Hey check out our new flying tactics” its childish. Another example is not only the military but civil things too, believe it or not but the Turkish national airline Turkish Airlines, when they first started flying internationally where do you think there first international destination was? Well it was Athens, again showing off like saying “Hey check it out i got a new international airline what do you think”. Dont take too much notice of the Turkish government, myself personally i couldnt really give a crap for there government and all there childish games they keep playing.
    Anyways take care everyone and once again im sorry if anyone is upset by my comments or my being of the “opposite side” but i just wanted to let you guys know about my thaughts on the situation which is more closer to the truth than the governments would like to admit.

  29. This is not news, we have had this happening both ways for generations now. Nothing will happen, and if it did, good luck to the Greeks. This would be a very short war and maybe Athens will follow the likes of constatinupoli and be named New Instanbul.