New Portal Promotes Greek Products

logo-productsgreek-1024x283At you can find a new gate for Greek businesses and producers throughout the world. With five languages (Greek, English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) and five big categories (food, cosmetics, furs, marbles), the new portal for the promotion of Greek products abroad gives the basic tools for extroversion, that means direct and accurate information about Greek products.

This new portal supports Greek businesses and producers in their struggle to survive, and continues to produce Greek products that are known for their high quality and low prices. was presented on June 3 at the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Costas Tsiaras.

“In today’s extremely critical period for Greece, the support of the extroversion of the Greek businesses constitutes a top priority for the Greek government,” said Tsiaras underlying the importance of recognizing the role and contribution of entrepreneurship to the economic growth and to the combat of unemployment. He also added that the stark reality makes it clear that there are not going to be new work places in the public sector.

Τhe portal that contains around 10,000 businesses, producers, organizations and commerce chambers provides daily news concerning exhibitions and opportunities around the world, exports and promoting activities for Greek products, while special attention is given to the online communication- comments, offer and demand- for each product category.


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