Mikis Theodorakis Returns to Makronisos

tromaktikoGreece’s best-known living composer, Mikis Theodorakis, will go back to his place of exile, the island of Makronisos, to watch the performance on his life and work, Poios ti Zoi Mou.

Makronisos is an island in the Aegean sea and is located close to the coast of Attica, facing the port of Lavrio. From the time of the Greek Civil War up until the restoration of democracy following the collapse of the regime of the Colonels, it was used as a place of imprisonment for Greek communists, detaining hundreds of prisoners. Because of its history, it is considered a monument of the civil war era; therefore the island itself and the original structures are protected from alterations.

It was Theodorakis’ wish for the performance to take place there, in order to send a message of reconciliation to all Greeks. The members of the Central Council of Modern Monuments gave their permission unanimously as they believe there will be no damage to the historic site.

It will be a free-entrance performance, so the council members decided that the organizers will not have to pay fees for using the site, except for the amount of 1,600 euros for filming the event.


  1. I think that is so nice of Mikis to do that. I wonder if Aerosmith could do a concert at Guantanamo like this. I’d go!!