Austerity Leads Greeks to Obesity

obesityAccording to Kathimerini, more and more Greeks are becoming overweight in our days. The  Memorandum and the crucial financial conditions have led Greeks to eat more fast food, according to the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO) which is observing the health risks of this tendency.

Compared to 2003, this year a statistical study showed that 40 percent of  school children are dealing with obesity problems, while in 2003 the rate was 30 percent. The same goes for  adults who choose  food from outside to save money due to austerity.

“One would expect that, due to the crisis, consumption would fall, but the opposite is happening,” the General Secretary of HMAO, Efthimios Kapantais told Kathimerini, noting that Greeks were buying “cheap, bad quality food with a high calorie count.”


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