Boat Carrying Afghan Refugees Sinks off in Turkey and Greece Waters

    illegal immigrantsA boat carrying at least 15 migrants reportedly sank off in Turkey and Greece waters.
    Afghan refugees association website reported that majority of the migrants were Afghans and were looking to travel to Greece from Turkey when the incident took place.
    The boat sank off on Saturday and the death of at least one persons recognized as Wahida Salami has been confirmed while five others are still missing.
    Turkey is one of the main port used by illegal migrants to travel to Europe and around 128,000 people reportedly entered Turkey in 2010.


    1. Someone on Greek reporter sensibly using the word *illegal* migrants to describe what’s really going on. (as opposed to ranting “racism” like a fanatic) Despite what some unelected leftist NGOs and seem to bizarrely believe, the fact is illegal immigration is a crime.

      Immigrants first ask, are reviewed by the state (for the likelihood to integrate and contribute rather than say treat their new country as a beachhead for colonization or law free zone to do as they wish). On the other hand, Illegals are the ones that sneak across borders then immediately rant “racism” when locals are hostile towards their invasion (to any gullible leftist that simply frames their politics as “human rights”)

      The leftist extremists that frame illegals as an unqualified “immigrates” are plain irrational.(like say Dablis that essentially parrots whatever he reads in the anti-Greek modern British Guardian or Amnasty International) Without immigration control…

      a. a small country cannot maintain it’s national character. Greece will cease to be a Greek state if we continue to let in millions of illegals. This is not a theory. This is a mathematically certainty given demographic trends.

      b. a country gets filled with riff-raff that not only disrespected its sovereignty but then typically go on to break other laws as well.

      This is why EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD REGULATED IMMIGRATION AND DEPORTS ILLEGALS. This would also include American-living-in-Athens Andy Dablis’s homeland of the USA…that has far far less illegals per capita than Greece yet still deports most of them.

      I would note American-living-in-Athens Andy Dablis does not frame Obama as “anti-immigrant” for deporting illegals. Nor does he frame modern British David Cameron for cracking down on illegals in the UK as “anti-immigrant”. IMO this prejudicial reporting is the result of the Greek far leftist mindset of trying to show foreign “comrades” how they are “anti-nationalists” and “against racism” to the point they end up being literally racist towards Greeks


      “UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he “wants everyone in the country” to
      help “reclaim our borders” by reporting suspected ILLEGAL immigrants.”

      “Cameron unveils immigration crackdown”

      “Britain rules out amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants”

      “Deporting ILLEGAL immigrants costs UK £100 million a year”

    2. Hmmm, how can the boat sink off of Turkey but in Greek waters???
      I think that the reporter better brush up on the English. While you are at it, look up the words refugee and migrants for a clearer definition.

    3. a. By international law Greece is moral right in its territorial waters positions with modern Turkish government. Its modern Turkish government that ignores international law in this regard. Our alleged Nato ally the US, as usual says absolutely nothing when Turkey provokes us by buzzes our islands with fighters or military frigates (not out of principle but purely because they see Turkey as more important to their interests than Greece.. much like FYROM issue where the unprincipled US government now pretends the don’t remember supporting us on this issue during cold war)

      b. Most of the illegals are economic migrants not “refugees”. In addition the spirit of international law allow for compassion for some refugees *not* using “refugee” word play to justify massive illegal immigration. Look up the word ILLEGAL immigration. Look up the word INVASION. Greece is a soveign country with immigration laws like everywhere else. (including the countries these illegals come from)

      In addition, there are more countries than Greece in this world to accept legitimate refugees. Why isn’t Turkey, with seven times Greece’s population, accepting more illegals immigrants themselves? (say around 10-15 million to put it to scale)

      How about China around 200 Million?

      The US around 60 million?

      Japan around 30 million?

      Even modern Britain where patronizing Amnasty International was founded and home base of the The Economist (two organizations that constant rant about Greeks on FYROM issue). Why aren’t the modern Brits accepting far far more refugee/illegals themselves (say around 12 million to feel proportionately what Greeks are feeling)…. rather than quietly shipping them back to Greece for years under the ridiculous terms of Dublin 2?

      All these countries have far less illegals per capita than Greece yet all still deport them. Prejudice includes the idea of double standards.

    4. This is what the illegals do, they float into Greek waters, put a hole in the boat, then put out an SOS, the Greek coast guard comes and saves them bringing them onto Greek soil. If the coast guard took their time rescuing them or god forbid had engine troubles, or didn’t see the boat and zipped past it, capsizing it, then had engine troubles, and god forbid a few of these illegals drowned … you get the picture.

    5. Illegal migrants! Wow, GreekReporter bloggers err reporters finally git it RIGHT! The beating can finally stop!

      Now, all you have to do is add HORDES after illegal migrants. Repeat after me…..illegal migrating hordes! ILLEGAL MIGRATING HORDES.

      As for the story? Shrug. Go to the Greek consulate in Turkey and apply for immigrant status. If accepted, you can walk into our country with honor and dignity.

    6. Boat Carrying Afghan Refugees Sinks off in Turkey and Greece Waters = GOOD!

    7. you are right but these people have no passport or documents to inter legal your country….

    8. Does any one know whether the afghan refuges who became free received any document to stay in Greece ?