Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei Behind Dafne Bombing

A45292AB32445993172FF45C77DF3C8BThe terrorist organization, Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, claimed responsibility for the explosive device placed under the BMW car of the director of the Korydallos prison.
The attack took place at 4.40 a.m. on June 7 in Dafni, eastern Athens, following two warning calls to the media.

The police cordoned off the area after the explosion which caused significant damage to the car owned by the Korydallos’ prison director, Maria Stefi, and slight damages to the surrounding vehicles. A woman suffered minor cuts from broken glass.

The organization posted an announcement on the popular anti-authoritarian website, Indymedia. The terrorist organization has heralded new attacks, as in the announcement it is noted that, “the bomb placed in the vehicle of the director of the Korydallos prison, is the first drop before the storm.”

The counter terrorism department is investigating the authenticity of the announcement.


  1. That “ianti-authoritarian Indymedia” website that the ” terrorists posted their rants on is the one same website that the Samaras government cracked down on recently. (I..e. they support force when its used by terrorists like themselves… not when its used by a democratically elected government which has the legal and moral mandate to use it)

    I would note at the time some leftists in the media (including one on Greek Reporter) bizarrely framed them as oppressing “free speech”. Since when is investigating and cracking down on terrorism against democracy? Arguing such a thing is an inversion of justice and just more evidence of just how anti-democratic many Greek leftists actually are.

    What “democracy” seems to mean to many leftists is simply a synonym for their leftwing politics (in particular communists). This is anti-democratic Orwellian double speak. What democracy actually means is an electoral process (whether direct or indirect) to help decide issues.

  2. Here is the article where communist Syriza supporter Spyros Kouvoussis (a regular writer for Greek Reporter) recently writes in support of the extremist anarchist website Indymedia (the same website these terrorists choose to post their extremist anti-government rants on)

    “Anti-Government Websites in Danger of Closing Down”

    I would note…the far leftist extremist that wrote this article at the time.said “the quality of democracy and freedom of speech are also under threat.”

    Its ironic that communists…. well known oppressors of free speech during the cold war… who enjoyed the right to condemn non-communist governments without being “disappearing” like happened to non-communists in warsaw pact nations… now claim to be supporters of free speech.. Unfortunately many of them have absolute no idea what free speech actually means. They think “free speech” means anything that comes out of one’s mouth, including slander or support for violence against democratically elected government counts as “free speech” (rather than “libel” and “terrorism”)

    Also ironic is while they communists lecture about “free speech” they simultaneously are trying to pass laws oppressing the free speech of those that oppose far leftist extremism (this time manipulating words like “racism” and “human rights” to try and once again silence political opposition)


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