Greece Will Tax Foreigners 45%

    LEFTAGreek is set to assess a 45 percent tax on immigrants and foreign residents even if they have declared and paid taxes in their own countries, at the same time the government has failed to go after tax cheats owing more than $70 billion.

    Protothema reported the Ministry of Finance is setting the high tariff on money brought into the country and that appeals can be made to the courts, which can take up to 10 years to hear a case.

    The law requires immigrants to make a declaration of change of tax residence before leaving and ask to be placed under the Tax Office for Residents Abroad, if they reside in Attica, or under the Tax Office of their prefecture’s capital, if they live in the province.

    Most of the millions of Greeks around the world haven’t done it, either because they haven’t left anything behind to link them to their homeland, either due to ignorance, or due to other reasons. But many of them were sending millions to Greece for many years, in bank accounts that maintain jointly with relatives.

    Thus, some are still considered residents of Greece by the Tax Office, which by cross-checking the deposits and incomes, sees that they deposit money in bank accounts while they haven’t declared any equivalent income in Greece. However, this money cannot be hidden and makes them a target for the Tax Authorities and the Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE).

    A typical example is that of a resident of England, who was called to be inspected by the Financial and Economic Crime Unit because from 2006 to 2011 he had little or no income in Greece but was sending back home monthly remittances of 900 euros ($1.189) transferred from Greek bank accounts.

    Complainants can either resort to the administrative courts or they should manage to get the money out of the country as soon as possible, in order not to lose half of it, as according to the Tax Income Code, the Tax Office cannot accept the late change of tax residence.


    1. MORE OUTRAGEOUS unethical behaviour by the corrupt Greek Government of THIEVES and LIARS! This 45% tax against Foreigners is against International Law!

    2. Rule number ONE. Do not stay in Greece more then 180 days.

      Rule number TWO…DO NOT LEAVE ANY MONEY IN GREEK BANKS. Just use bank transfer or cash withdrawal from your out of country bank.

      If you live in Greece, try to get a foreign bank account. It does not have to be abn illegal one, simply one that the Greek tax department can’t grab at will.

      You’ve been warned.

    3. Didn’t I say get a FOREIGN bank account? So it falls outside Greek Law and jurisdiction? Even if you are a full time Greek resident, get your money OUT OF GREECE and away from the politicians legal grasp.

      Unlike the bloggers who pretend they are reporters here, when I write something, it’s fact….because I saw, went through or did it myself.

      Regardless…..if anyone has money in Greece, they DESERVE to be screwed. Greek government existence will depend on slowly draining Greek savings to live on. You been warned.

    4. No, not all.
      And this tax will add another layer of complexity, hassle and efficiency to people who help the Greek economy.

    5. Immigrants and foreign residents use greece to exploit the country and the people for their own benefit, they have been doing this for decades good job to the greek government to tax these people. Greek citizens get taxed large heaps while foreign residents dont and while immigrants dont claim there money. Why should only greeks suffer in economic times. Europeans buy villas displacing the greek families that once lived their and when greeks go to their countries they scrub toilets to survive. Greece needs to leave the single euro currency and the schengen area. The german elitists feel as if they have a connection to greece since they put a german king in charge of the country after ottoman rule. Hopefully more greeks wake up and realize that our country is being bought out.