Greek Olive Production Takes Hit

elaiolado1The unfavorable weather conditions of the previous period had a tragic impact on the crops of olive producers this year, regardless of the olive variety (Kalamon Olive, Chondrolia of Chalkidiki etc). At first sight, losses reach a percentage of 80-90%.

The warm days of the two previous weeks and the southerlies burnt the fruit at the stage of fruit setting. As a result, the damage to the fruit is apparent to the naked eye. A fall in olive oil and table olives production is foreshadowed, something that will have an impact, not only on the olive producers’ income, but also on the companies that package, distribute and export these products.

The cultivation of table olives in the region of Chalkidiki is estimated to show a decline of over 70%, due to fruitlessness, as well as due to the bad weather conditions, which are still plaguing the region.

The Sitia Mayor, Thodoris Paterakis, in a letter to the Minister of Rural Development speaks of this year’s olive production catastrophe, which reaches even 100%, as the weather conditions didn’t help the fruit setting.

Paterakis requests the direct recording of losses, the submission of a request to the European Union for the provision of emergency special assistance and the examination of the possibility of providing special facilities and other benefits to those affected, in order to make possible the continuation of their production capacity.

According to the Sitia Mayor, initially the flowering appeared quite rich almost in all areas, “but then it was found that the fructification in some specific areas of the municipality showed a total destruction due to damages at the stage of fruit setting at rates ranging from 90-100%.”



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