Boutaris Backs Pride Parade

imagesWith the slogan “Free spirits, Free bodies,” the 2nd Pride Parade will take place in Thessaloniki under the auspices of the city’s Municipality, from June 14 to 15. Music,            photography and theater events, as well as the big parade will take place in numerous spots around Thessaloniki.

In his press release for the event, the mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris, stressed,  “This is not a carnival, nor a touristic attraction. With the Gay Parade we honor diversity.” Talking about the reactions against the parade, he said, “Reactions exist and will exist every time we are before a new reality. From the side of the church and from other organizations, but we cannot do anything about it.”

“In the society that we want to build, everyone has the right to express himself without feeling any kind of oppression for the opposite,” Boutaris added. The mayor of Thessaloniki will address the central event of the Pride Parade.

The events will begin on the afternoon of June 14 at Hrimatistirio Square, in the Ladadika district, in the center of Thessaloniki, while they will continue from 11 a.m. the next morning at White Tower Square. The parade will begin at 7 p.m.