Simplified Document Submission for Residents Abroad

dikiologitikaAccording to Deputy Finance Minister, George Mavraganis’ decision, the process  of submitting required documents for natural persons who declare to be residents abroad and acquire actual income earned in Greece, has been simplified.

These documents have been determined anew in order to facilitate Greeks abroad, according to paragraph 7 of article 6 of the Income Tax Code.

Residents abroad, the Greek Diaspora included, are obliged to present for the year 2012 (use of 2011) and submit along with their income tax return for the financial year 2013 (use of 2012) the following documents: Certificate from the competent tax authority of the state where they declare to be residents and where they are taxed, a copy of the tax revenue liquidation or, in lack of liquidation, a copy of their tax return they submitted to the other state.

In the event that the presentation of the above documents by the competent tax authority is not possible, a certificate from any public or recognized authority, from which residence can be proved is required.


  1. They keep changing things every few months, so forms that were submitted with earlier documents are never processed, then they go about releasing new forms, and you have to start all over again. This is total lunacy, these idiots never once updated anything, now they’re revising everything and anything on a month by month basis, foreign residents, residents abroad and all others looking to get their papers processed are wasting their money trying to keep up with these clowns.


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