Tax Offices on Islands Close

efforiiaaAs the Finance Ministry announced, from June 17, six tax offices on Greek islands will close, while 14 more will merge with other more central tax offices by September 1.

The decision is in accordance with the Memorandum to have only 120 public finance departments open around Greece in 2013, compared to 290 departments that were open in 2011.

The tax offices on the following islands will be closed by June 17:  Salamina, Cythera, Thassos, Paxi, Ithaca and Leros.

Each department that closes will be replaced by a service office for taxpayers, where citizens will be able to carry out their duties.

At the same time, public finance department control points will merge around the country. From July 1, only 65 control points will be open.


  1. Why isn’t the Greek Tax Authorities going after PASOK and ND for the massive 250 million Euro loans they got from Greek Banks for their Parties, without ever paying a penny back? That kind of money would help keep ERT on its feet for many years…
    Why is SDOE not investigating where the 250 million went from the thieves at PASOK and ND??? — Makes no sense no one is investigating this Major Bank FRAUD!