Greece to Blackball Dublin II Regulation

D3132982DE7EBB537D80FE5F57D7AD32According to Minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias, Greece has decided to vote against the European immigration regulation. According to the agreement, the country of first entry in the EU bears responsibility for the determination of asylum status.

As a result, non-legal immigrants are being sent to Greece, whether or not they are arrested within the EU.

Dendias stressed the Greek government’s intention to vote against the Dublin II Regulation, on the occasion of an event organized by the citizen movement KIPOKA regarding immigration.

Malta that along with Greece receives about 90% of Europe-bound immigration, is also expected to blackball the agreement.


  1. We should withdraw completely from Dublin II. The policy to send back illegals to first country (i.e. EU border countries like Greece) is other EU countries manipulatively trying to skirt moral responsibility for absorbing illegals (and ranting “racism” at us in the process). It has in large part lead to the current illegal situation in Greece.

    While our politically exploitative far leftist extremists slander anyone that disapproves
    of illegal immigration as “racist” and/or “fascist”, the rest of the EU DEPORTS
    ILLEGALS….and that’s with far far less illegals per capita than Greece.

    Some refugees is understandable. Not an unrestricted invasion of refugees as is currently the case. This was never the spirit of international agreements. No country carte blanche accepts illegals. There are plenty of countries other than Greece in the world that could be accepting there fair share of illegals. (rather than shipping them back to already full Greece)

    As for the unelected foreign funded NGO’s that keep whining “racism’ towards any Greek that is hostile towards the massive violation of our borders…. these are usually the same patronizing anti-Greek BIGOTS that now pretend not to notice the Skopians transformation into “ancient Macedonians” and state sponsered irredentism against our country.

    When will our leftists buffoons wake up to the fact that all “human rights” organizations are just another form of political organization. There is no such thing as “human rights”. There are just rights. These NGOs pretentiously put “human rights” in their sentences as a method to fool uncritical idiots. (typically funded by special interests – sometimes even foreign governments as a method to apply pressure) .

  2. Enough with ‘leftist’ crap. You are a buffoon. I agree the illegals have to go. Getting out of Dublin ii is not enough. Greece needs out of the EU altogether.

  3. You don’t seem to mind when Andy rants against anyone that isn’t a leftist like himself. Free speech comrade.

    That it offends you that I keep speaking out against far leftist extremism in Greece suggests you are the buffoon. In case you didn’t notice over 20% of our population currently votes for communist extremists in Syriza. Do you perhaps remember the cold war? Millions dead due to communist mass murderers that Syriza supporters admire? The Greeks that were massacred by treasonous communist thugs for the sake of IMRO?

    While they hate their own leftists in FYROM (they mostly vote for ultra right wing Gruevski) the Skopians love our leftists in Greece. The reason for this is because they know our leftists are easily manipulated morons.

  4. Stop calling me comrade you imbecile. I loathe the Skopian fools, the illegal loving Syriza, the corporate sell out Samaras and the likes of you who constantly whine.
    Like I said before, go away and come back when you’ve lived a bit and know what life is about rather than the idiotic ideology you espouse. Come back when your nads have dropped.

  5. But yours are still in your mouth comrade.

    You haven;’t got a clue and yet you criticize other peoples opinion Maybe you should tell us about your racism against blacks and Muslims.

  6. And what the hell do you do? All you ever say is how Greeks are lazy, crooks , corrupt etc. All you do is parrot the foreign propaganda. Is that what you call opinion?

    I never said anything about blacks. I only said dislike Islam. And since when is Islam a race you idiot?? How can I be a racist?

  7. you are the imbecile. Samaras isn’t “selling out” his country. He loves his country and is trying to protect it… while idiots like you attack him.

    “Imbeciles” like you have no clue as to my philosophical outlook.

  8. btw – I will continue to call you comrade. You claim to be against communism but you keep defending communists.

  9. I know your ‘outlook’. It’s a one sided blind attack on anyone who criticises your beloved Samaras. Everything he does is good. Even his poo smells like roses to you. He is a corporate shill. He does whatever his masters at the IMF and EU tell him to do. He is no patriot! History will not treat him kindly. His only solution is to sell eeverything and screw his fellow Greeks. He is a disgrace and so are you. You’re nothing but a misguided little boy.

  10. You know nothing about my outlook. You didn’t “criticize’ You slander samaras as “fascist” like leftists like you do everyone that does share your shamless handout mentality. Get a job you lazy self-righteous degenerate.

  11. If anything you seem to be the Skopian troll. You claim to be against communism then keep running to the defense of far leftists. The Skopians love our leftists.