Policeman Killed by Trikala Escapees

ASTYN1_534_355After the 25-year-old woman who died in the shootout of the escapees with the police, this time it was a policeman who paid with his life the fury of the killers to escape.

The incident occurred on the morning of June 17 near Distomo, Boeotia. The police, because of several incidents of car thefts in the area near Distomo, put up blockades in case the fugitives were from the Trikala prison.

The policemen spotted the fugitives walking away. While patrolling,  they were surprise attacked by the escapees, who drew Kalashnikovs immobilizing the four police officers.

The perpetrators took the policemen’s guns and bulletproof vest. Then they took off with a police car and opened fire on the policemen. One of the bullets unfortunately proved fatal for an officer.

According to information, the 37-year old police officer who was the father of two children received a bullet in the leg, which hit an artery.


  1. When our police force will be freed from political wrangling??? When our police force will use deadly force if and when trying to enforce the law on suspects??? When our police force will be equiped with heavy arms to protect themselves and us??? When the country will be safe again???

  2. So lets see. Have I understood this properly? These violent criminals open fire with AK47’s on the outgunned policemen, they then disarm these police officers, taking their sidearms and bullet proof vests, & then open fire on the now disarmed policemen killing one. Ladies and gentlemen these criminals deserve the death penalty. The fact remains that ONLY Golden Dawn has promised that if they are voted into power they will impose the death penalty for serious crimes such as this.

  3. So once again we will hear that an investigation into the incident will be ordered. Then time will pass, the media will really not much care for the story anymore, and then we will employ our bad memories, never even asking what the circumstances were–who created the laps in security, how ONCE AGAIN dangerous and desperate potential killers were able to free themselves from a guarded, locked environment. Our heart-felt sympathy goes out to the officer’s family. Their heroic husband and father was only trying to perform his duty as a public protector.

    “While patrolling, they were surprise attacked by the escapees, who drew Kalashnikovs, immobilizing the four police officers, who were unable to give adequate chase.” Sounds like we have a sad case of officers out-gunned and perhaps even not adequately trained for such encounters. If you’re going to live in a country where prisoners can buy their way out of prison, at least provide the law enforcement on the street the adequate training and equipment to deal with them back on the ‘outs’ while in their most desperate state. A high alert for the escapees was no doubt called but unfortunately the bad guys once again got the upper hand. Training, equipment, readiness. One more obligation the State has sorrily fell short on in its list of shameful priorities.

    Honestly people, are we so stupid to not believe that all these embarrassing jail-breaks are simply the workings of the most insidious graft? Drug dealers, human traffickers, gun runners and bank robbers all have the kind of cash that can make a difference in a county where people take money to get things done. We would like to believe it is just lapses of security, but in a nation labeled as the most corrupt in Europe and with mafioso and political money floating around to so many dirty hands–should we really be surprised anymore by these prison break-outs?

    It would be almost comical if it were not for the great danger these orchestrated escapes subject our public to. People are killed by these individuals when they are loose and on the run. Not to mention, they will be back victimizing citizens again. The Greek prison is a revolving door. Apparently the only business that is thriving here.

  4. When the Greek people vote Golden Dawn into power, and Golden Dawn governs Greece. That’s when.