EU Tells Samaras To Turn On ERT

1942359_533_355The European Commission has told Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to abide by an order from the country’s highest court which ruled he should immediately restore the national broadcaster ERT he ordered shut down on June 11 and remained off the air despite the decision.

“The European Commission takes into consideration the decision of the Council of State about ERT,” stated the European Commission’s spokesman Olivier Bailly.

As of early in the morning of June 19, the government had ignored the court’s order. Bailly added, however, that the European Union (EU) has no standing when it comes to directing a member country how to deal with mass media under its jurisdiction beyond advice.

He stressed, however, that the Commission expects rhe Greek Authorities to respect the decision of the Council of State and to follow the legal procedures.

“Alternatives for the reopening of the Greek public radio television are already proposed and now the Greek Authorities should decide what to do, respecting the existing framework,” he said.

When asked if Greece’s international lenders, the Troika of the EU-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank had ordered the closing of ERT, he said that, “Neither the Commission nor the Troika asked or implied the closure of any public body and, especially, the closure of the public radio television,” despite ordering the firing of 2,500 workers in the civil sector this year.

He said that Greek Authorities are pledged to restructure the Greek State and they have to present alternative solutions regarding the dismissals and the timelines. “It’s a decision that will be made autonomously by the Greek Authorities,” he said.

He also noted that Greece’s economic adjustment program provides a downsizing  in the public sector, aiming at its more efficient and effective operation, and in this framework, the Greek government considers the closure, the merging and the downsizing of certain state bodies.



  1. Once again we have the Germans and Brussels DICTATING to a soverign country.

    How dare they bully and interfere with Greece’s personal affairs!

    Get rid of these Nazis and the corrupt EU Commission NOW or become Slaves!!!

  2. On one hand the EU screams “cut waste or else we wont help you”, so when we cut waste, they scream “not that waste”. Waste is waste.

    Way past tired of un-elected power mongering EU elites demanding countries goose step to their commands.

  3. Why hasn’t the Court also asked where the PASOK and ND 250 Million euros went out of their parties’ accounts? Where are the so-called “journalists” asking hard questions?
    Why the cover up on this free loan money that neither PASOK or ND Parties have not explained yet they received from their criminal Banker friends that obviously theses corrupt parties have stolen and put 100s of milions of Greek Tax Payer’s money that disappered into these PASOK & ND Politicans greedy pockets!!!

    WHERE IS the “REAL NEWS” here in Greece? Why is this not a MAJOR STORY that would “make big” the career of any honest, serious Investigative News Journalist?


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