Pangalos Doesn’t Love Venizelos

Former Greek Deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos
Former Greek Deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos

He’s retired and out of the public eye but former PASOK Socialist stalwart Theodoros Pangalos, known for shooting from the hip and sometimes shooting himself in the foot at the same time, just couldn’t resist taking shots at the party’s current leader, Evangelos Venizelos.

Pangalos, in an interview with Vima 99.5 FM also talked about the debacle surrounding the closing of the national broadcaster ERT by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader. Venizelos, who is a partner in the fragile administration, objected to it.

Pangalos blamed Venizelos for PASOK’s precipitous drop toward oblivion, from 44 percent of the vote when former leader George Papandreou was elected in 2009 before resigning two years later in the face of incessant protests against austerity, to 5-6 percent territory now.

The outspoken Pangalos also declared major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras as “illiterate” because of his poor English skills.

While he was serving as deputy prime minister under Papandreou, Pangalos didn’t speak out about ERT, which was packed with political hires for generations by his party and New Democracy. Now safely out of office, he said he’s discovered that, “ERT, as a state monopoly, is unacceptable” and urged the channel to operate “just like all the other stations, namely the free market.” He also criticized using ERT as a patronage dumping ground, although PASOK used it that way for years.

But while Papandreou has run away from his former finance minister George Papaconstantinou, who is being probed by Parliament for his handling of a list of Greeks with secret Swiss bank accounts that has never been checked for tax cheats, Pangalos said that Papaconstantinou is “one of the finest economists of the country and an honest man, who had no gain whatsoever from this case”.

He also said the failure of the gas supplier DEPA to gain a single bidder during a privatization program, in which the Russia company Gazprom walked away after displaying interest, was the fault of an American conspiracy to keep it out of Russian hands.


  1. I would loved to have asked Mr. Pangalos in that interview his own take on where the PASOK and ND 250 Million euros went out of their parties’ accounts. You see Inquiring minds want to know (notice I didn’t say “journalists”.)

    It did in fact disappear partly on is watch as well. It seems I remember the portly gentleman telling the “press” back when the austerity measures were coming out and he was busy putting his foot inn hi mouth, that he could not, WOULD not pay the new taxes on his own 19 some properties. Not me, he told his electorate.

    Of course, apologists for Mr. Pangalos will tell you, now that he is in the twilight zone of life, that it was his wife who had all that money from the beginning of their marriage. But, hey–it does kinda make you wonder, doesn’t it?

    I mean, come on, PASOK party sets up an ongoing bank account (with little or no records) through easy loans for over 100 million euros. There are no guarantees to pay it back to their bank cronies. Then this money goes missing under Mr. George (the US lecturer and former Greek Prime Minister, that is) whose mother is caught having a jaw-dropping number of millions on the Lagarde list–oops.

    Then we have Mr. George’s minister of finance accused of hiding the list and possibly removing his own loving relatives names from it, who we now find owe some 5.7 million in back taxes associated with their ghostly accounts.

    Now Mr. Venizelos (hey isn’t he also in the PASOK party?) comes out this week and suggests to his cronies that they better just bankrupt that old account before someone goes poking around to really see where all that cash might have gone. You see, in the real world, someone just might have to pay it back. . . .

    Whew, whole hing is just too complicated. . . we probably would all just be better off to forget the whole thing.

    So let’s see, what’s news worthy these days? Oh yes there was a robbery at a small taverna in downtown Athens yesterday–seems some illegal aliens made off with 75 euros. . .The right wing militant vigilantes have sworn they will track them down, beat them, and bring them to justice–the lousy thieves!

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