17 Million Tourists To Visit Greece This Summer

mykonosAccording to data published by the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises, from January to May, Greek tourism has been running with a  6.05% increase in air arrivals compared to last year. In absolute numbers, in the first five months this year 2,441,276 tourists arrived, while in 2012 there were 2,302,107 tourist arrivals.

There has been a significant increase to all Greek destinations. There has been a 125.5% increase in arrivals on Mykonos compared to last year. Other tourist destinations may not follow the explosive rise in arrivals like Mykonos, but the double-digit rates give this year’s sign: Zakynthos has an increase of 33.2%, Kefalonia 29.5%, Chania 26 3%, Santorini 22.7%, Corfu 23,9%, Kos 20.2%, Skiathos 18.3%, etc.

In Rhodes the increase in tourism arrivals is also highlighted. Tourist traffic is moving in high rates and according to estimates of the tourism sector, this year will be one of the best. The numbers reflect a clear picture of growth.

From the record made the first fortnight of June, we see that tourism in Rhodes has increased by 21.7%. In particular, in the first two weeks of June 140,870 tourists arrived by charter flights on the island, while the same period last year the number rose to 123,065 tourists.


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