OKANA Addicts Wait Three Years For Help

images (2)According to estimates of the Greek based drug rehabilitation organization OKANA, no less than 18,000 men and 2,500 women in Greece appear to be addicted to heroin.

As Meni Malliori, president of OKANA (meaning Organization against Drugs) pointed out, about 1,200 women addicted to heroin have received OKANA’s care to combat their problem and entered the rehabilitation program. The number of these women equals to 15 percent of the total number of OKANA’s patients.

Malliori repeated than Athens is the only city where there is a waiting list in order for a patient to enter a rehabilitation program. Drug addicts can wait up to three years, while in previous years waiting time could reach seven and a half years. Now OKANA has the power to take care of approximately 8,500 addicts.

Teta Papoutsopoulou, recently appointed national coordinator for drugs stated that, “Our priority is cooperation, mutual growth and solidarity between the relevant bodies.”


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