Taste of Paris in Athens

hotel-san-rival-vathi-sq_b2The Petit Paris d’Athènes 2013 is organized in cooperation with the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organization (OPANDA), the Athens Traders Association, the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens and the first departmental community of Athens. It is a festival of artistic expression, focusing on the particular nuances of theater, which will take place in a historic neighborhood in the center of Athens.

The Petit Paris is a region in Athens where the streets have French names such as Chateaubriand, Béranger, Favier, V.Hugo, Pouqueville, Molière, Saunière, and Maier. It extends down from Omonoia Square to Karaiskaki Square and beyond the Vathi Square, which is perhaps its most central point, as it is crossed by Marne Street (Marne is a tributary of the Seine in Paris). There would have been four of the boulevards of Athens, the current Favierou Street (Favier), according to the 1833 plan of Kleanthes and Schubert.

The Festival will be held from Oct. 9-16. The rich program will include performances in closed theaters, dance theaters, musical theaters, cabaret, musical performances and jazz concerts, street performances, circus, pantomime, puppets, street musicians and painters, visual art exhibitions and photo exhibitions as well as a series of lectures on Albert Camus, the impressionism, the interactions between the French and Greek literature the arts and especially theater, as well as lectures on the cultural past, present and future of the neighborhood.