You Tube Deletes Golden Dawn Broadcast

1A95FA0AD2155EC5D709FA6EE50411B1Golden Dawn’s first Internet broadcast presented by MP and spokesman of the Greek far-right political party Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris, was deleted.

The broadcasting was aired online, but then the video was deleted from the site due to “non-compliance with the local law.”

Golden Dawn said in its announcement, “The absolute exclusion of the Nationalist Movement unfortunately continues also on the Internet. What else will the international system think of to curb our rapid rise?”

“Despite the exclusion of our first broadcast by Youtube in dozens of countries, the program managed to be aired.  Golden Down’s web television will continue to broadcast through another site.”

As the party announced, they will broadcast on June 24 at 22:00 through another website.


  1. GD, continue your fight for justice for all in a country with justice for the rich the crooks and the criminals…Justice is for all and not for some…Crooked and corrupt politicians must stand trials and jailed for their crimes against the country and its people…

  2. Now we Greeks only have the same corrupt 2 Party Gang of Criminals again, who robbed Greece for 37 years blind –and while Samaras continues playing Dictator of Greece and closes ERT TV, 100s of Greeks are committing SUICIDE daily from harsh Austerity!

    But “Why’ isn’t the Greek Justice System or Courts or the EU and IMF or Greek Press asking where 250 million Euros went in bogus fraudulent loans to PASOK and ND Parties from their Banker cronies which both Parties “refuse” to account for ?!!!

    Where did this 250 million Euros in Greek Taxpayers money go to and into who’s personal pockets?? That would have been a major boon to Greek lost revenues.


    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS behaviour by this horrific Gov’t of thieves & Liars !!

    Are we just going to let Venizelos and Samaras walk off with 250 million Euros free?

  3. If I were Ilias, I’d watch my back. The Jewish mob doesn’t fool around. Lindt, Zollerman, and Haider all went a bit to far too.

  4. Ilias Kasidiaris is ex-Greek Special Forces, & always carries a licensed handgun….he is not a defeseless untrained sheep. Any mossad agent who took a shot at him and missed would likely not live to get a 2nd shot. Ofcourse car bombs and sniper assassinations are harder to defend against.

  5. You being the manipulative handle swapping idiot that cheers on communist terrorists are in no position to take about “justice” and “lying”.

    Samaras is trying to save Greece while ranting anti-greek idiots like you are working to destroy it. Are you sure you are even Greek? The skopians hate Samaras just as much as you do… and love our communists just as much as you do.

  6. They should upload their videos to TruTube.TV! It is completely free of political censorship and the videos will never be deleted!

  7. I hate communist, marxist and the like more then dislike some of the GD rhetoric…..BUT I don’t want ANYBODIES voice to be shut down or shut off. Period.

    Free speech is free speech. It’s not “free speech” to only the things we want to hear. Otherwise we are no better then the fundamentalist nuts we laugh at.

    And just for the record, the left is far less tolerant. The foundation of “political correctness” is to limit speech to the direction that suits THEIR agenda.

  8. They are little fascist. Everyone who disagrees is a hater and has to be muzzled. Is youtube going to muzzle Chimpras the communist who is trying to destroy Greek culture? Or preaching class warfare and hatred

    Freedom of speech is the foundation of democracy.

  9. Jews? What the hell does it have to do with Jews? More likely there was a lefty twitter frenzy to complain to youtube as offensive. If you want to blame anyone, blame the left and their organized little fascist campaigns to shut down free speech.

  10. The only people I see demanding free speech in the modern climate are hateful extremist fucknuggets like you.

    How long have you been a supporter of violent nazi scum?

  11. Greek special forces is not really a big deal, now if was US Navy Seal then maybe I’m impressed

  12. The reason Golden Dawn exists is precisely this kind of censorship. Anyone who ever spoke out about protecting Christian Greek identity was accused of being a racist or a bigot by the left-queer mob. This is the result of not allowing debate.

  13. Oh please, the entire US military is extremely overrated.
    US “special forces”, including US Navy seals can barely engage against sandal wearing Taliban fighters for 5 minutes before they are on their radios requesting air support.

  14. And Greek commandos I’ve seen in Athens wearing their girls panty hose and women shoes at their tomb unknown soldier at syntagma

  15. The Golden Dawn are Nazis. If they werent then explain why they would only allow Europeans to join the party. No you don’t have to be Greek to join the Golden Dawn you could be British Or German or Serbian it not Greece for the Greeks it’s Greece for the Europeans they want all of Europe united for whites only just like Adolf Hitler.

  16. A single Greek murdered by a Jew or anyone for that matter will result in 100 of theirs being killed. How you like that for Greek mathematics?


  18. They and EVERYONE here should go to

    its the only place for true freedom of speech and a UNKOSHER video site!

  19. Your the Idiot, trying to accuse Europeans that they can’t have Lands of their OWN! A.H. also Never intended to take over all of Europe to you MORON! He himself Stated lots of times that National Socialism ISN”T FOR EXPORT!!! IN FACT it was the British (Zionist Lackeys) who had much control of the World during those times, yet IDIOTS like you Still blame the Germans for that!

    GO HERE and Get a real Education! –

  20. Wow the number of racists on here is pretty startling. A lot of supporters for a nazi movement. Also a little education: There is a difference between free speech and hate speech. In America and Canada it is legal to go on TV and say “I am a racist and that is how I feel. I don’t give a damn if it offends anyone.” Said person cannot, however, say “Homos, queers, and niggers should be shot and killed, everybody get a gun!!!!” See the difference? Like it or not the second example is not, I repeat IS NOT, protected under freedom of speech. You cannot publicly incite violence or attack a person based on race and then hide like a little bitch behind free speech. People arguing on behalf of Golden Dawn make me sick. Closet racists…..

  21. Iceland, Hungary and Greece have got more guts than the rest of the gutless Caucasoid race put together.