Greek Cherries Extremely Good this Year

Greek cherryThe Greek cherry season is in full swing again. Just like last year Greece profits from the late Dutch and Belgian harvest because of the cold weather. “The harvest in Greece is very good, but the cherries are small this year. Especially the Tragana – which of its itself is a small variety – hardly showed itself in the Netherlands this season. In its place there are, however, sufficient other varieties. Those are sold under the combined name Pella, named after the area from where most of the Greek cherries originate and also the area where Alexander the Great was born” importer cherry Andre Nieuwenhuis says.

The weather in Greece has been very good up to now, except with an occasional hail storm, which last week damaged a considerable part of the peach harvest,” the importer continues. The coming week picking will start in the mountain villages. Neaexfrut SA is the cherry specialist in Greece since the sixties and their modern warehouse is close to Edessa in the center of the cherry area. With the assistance of a very advanced machine the cherries are sorted on size and colour. As previously the larger part was sold in the Netherlands and Germany, the cherries now are also very popular with the Russians”
(source: freshplaza)


  1. So Pella is the place where Alexander the great was born eh? Funny, I thought he was born in country to the north. The one that lays claim to the Macedonian history.

    Btw I love cherries. I wish I was there to taste them. From my childhood, Hellenic fruit was tasty and heavenly.