Newcastle Disease Hits Cypriot Poultry

47D0350C229A9206E17DE80B51E79EC1Some 15 percent Cypriot’s poultry industry has been found to be infected with Newcastle Disease. Three poultry farms in the village Mammari on the outskirts of Nicosia, adjacent to the occupied areas, were infected, reports said and won’t be able to resume the poultry production before three weeks. The contaminated chickens were destroyed and will be incinerated.

The Vice President of the Pan-Cyprian Poultry Breeders Association, Petros Mintikkis stated that the economic cost for the three farms, based on preliminary calculations, is expected to exceed 300,000 euros.

The Minister of Agriculture Nikos Kougialis assured that there’s no danger to human health, but said the state would carry out rigorous inspections and disinfecting techniques.

The minister mentioned that the checks carried out in recent days hadn’t detected any outbreaks of the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) in other areas. However, he added that this doesn’t mean that the risk of transmission of the virus has completely removed from other areas, except form Mammari.

When asked to comment the media reports that the virus, may be coming from poultry farms in the occupied territories, the Minister of Agriculture said that this possibility is being investigated with the help of the United Nations.


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