Greek Doctors of the World Visit Remote Areas

medecins du mondeThe Greek humanitarian organization Medecins du Monde (MdM) (Doctors of the World) has been conducting visits to remote island and mainland areas of Greece in order to provide their help.

In the framework of the medical checkup program, Health for All, a ten-member Medical Mobile Unit staffed by pediatricians, gynecologists and ophthalmologists, along with nursing and administrative staff and drivers, offer pediatric, gynecological and ophthalmic diagnostic tests to individuals facing difficulties in accessing health services for economic or social reasons, in every corner of Greece.

Since February 2013, when the annual program started, until today, Medecins du Monde have visited about 20 island  and mainland areas, while the number of citizens benefited exceeds 4,000.

Medecins du Monde have many difficulties to face in many regions. On the Greek island of Skyros, there is only one doctor to cover the needs of the entire island, Health Centers in Oinousses island are barely functioning and the patients’ care is undertaken by a rural doctor, while on the island of Zakynthos there is no ophthalmologist.

The program offers: gynecological medical exams, breast palpation, PAP smear, vaginal ultrasound, ophthalmic examination, cardiogram, ultrasound of upper and lower abdomen, measurement of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose, as well as pediatric diagnostic examinations, children vaccination and prescription of pediatric medication if needed.

The program, Health for All is carried out with the full funding from the Association of Greek ship owners and is part of a broader initiative pursued by the Greek community of ship-owners, including actions of social offer and solidarity, for the support of vulnerable social groups throughout Greece, as reported in MdM’s website.


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