PASOK, ND Overlooked Aren’t Happy

kinernisiWhile Greek Prime Minister and New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras and his new Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, PASOK Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos were patting each other on the back and praising their new collaboration, officials in the two parties who weren’t part of the new Cabinet have been voicing some dissension, if privately.

There’s reportedly been some inside grousing with the new administration put together by Samaras and Venizelos that gave the PASOK leader some plum jobs even though his party is fading away fast with 4-5 percent of the polls.

Venizelos’ backing of Samaras’ decision to close the national broadcaster ERT and fire all its 2,656 workers – although accepting a compromise that could bring back as many as 2,000 workers temporarily until a new station is set up – earned him big rewards, but reportedly left some in his marginalized party who didn’t get positions to complain about it.

A former Secretary of PASOK Michael Karhimakis wrote on Facebook: “We are not willing to remain silent and be absorbed in this melting pot of integration and drift,” an indication that Venizelos might lose some of his party’s 28 seats in Parliament and jeopardize the new alliance’s bare majority of 153 of the 300 votes there.

The only good part for all, it seems, is that by agreeing to Samaras’ terms, Venizelos avoided bringing Greece to its third elections in little more than a year, after the third partner in the previous coalition, Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Fotis Kouvelis withdrew in protest over the closing of ERT.

Venizelos, who had said he too was against firing the ERT workers but gave in to get his new positions, said while he was dissenting briefly that he wasn’t afraid of new elections, even though his party would likely have been left with only a handful of seats and faced an ignominous end after winning 44 percent of the vote in 2009 under previous leader George Papandreou.

He served only two years before being hounded out of office in the face of relentless protests, strikes and riots against austerity measures – backed by Venizelos – imposed on the orders of international lenders.


  1. Andy who claims to be against government bloat and corruption… arguing for government bloat and corruption because it influences his industry. And this is why Greece is a mess of debt.

  2. Alex… you never answered me yet “why” PASOK and ND have not been asked by Greek Justice or the Courts to account for the 250 million Euros they both took in “bogus” loans from their Banker cronies? They haven’t even paid the 30,000 a month years of back rents they owe on their Party offices! So, is this an example of their governance and management abilities?
    Why does Venizelos and Samaras think they do not have to pay back the 250 million they borrowed and still owe the banks?? OUTRAGEOUS behaviour!!

  3. I did answer. I will answer again in the Socratic way… with questions.

    Whom do you see as a current viable alternative? The communists? GD? Or the United Whiners of Greece party whose political platform is ranting about everyone else without explaining what party and philosophical outlook they stand behind?

  4. READ THIS below from New York Times today… Incredible!—-
    “Greek EU Loans Plan May Reward Some Crooked Bank Executives”

    New York Times by Landon Thomas– June 25, 2013
    LONDON — Even as European taxpayers grimace at the escalating cost of bailing out Greece’s banking system, the banks’ top executives are poised to potentially strike it rich.

    The plan developed by the Greek government and its international creditors to recapitalize the country’s banks involves an unusual twist as stock offerings go: the new shares in the banks will give investors free and potentially lucrative warrants that will entitle them to buy many more shares in the future at a predetermined price.

    Because many of the investors who are expected to participate in the stock program are the same executives who were running the banks at the time of their near collapse, critics see it as a case of bankers being rewarded despite their management missteps. And they say the Greek government is forgoing billions of euros in potential revenue with the way the stock offering is being handled.

    Officials of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund did not respond to questions about the warrant program. Nor did Greece’s international creditors — the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund — the so-called troika, which helped the stability fund devise the program.

  5. I see… so it’s OK by you if they stole the 250 million Euros and put in their pockets and don’t need to pay a cent back, huh? Just because YOU “want them” to govern the country to RUIN again! — Absurd!

  6. If everyone is held accountable for their crimes, then the people will soften its tone to austerity. As long as the political landscape has its incumbents running the country for the sole benefit of their own coiffures, then the public will remain roused. Firm jail sentences for all criminals will bring legitimacy to the country,its justice system and democratic institutions. Until then, the people will want to eat their fair share of the criminally gained largesse, thus proving that greece is a model of utter failure. Otherwise, the only fix to this anarchist democracy is political assassinations. A purge one way or the other is detrimental.

    Pasok and ND are bedding each other to fight the bad storm of Syria and GD. They will eventually merge once GD/syriza gain more votes and implements more centrist ideas. The writing is on the wall.

  7. I see… so its ok by you to vote for communists and GD? — Absurd.

    Still waiting to hear what you stand for rather than just against worldarts.