ERT Workers Fired By Mail

516276_ERTFormer workers at the now-closed ERT national broadcaster, which was shut down by the government on June 11 with no notice,  receiving their dismissals in letters sent by the Ministry of Finance.

The documents state that ERT has been abolished and a special administrator has been designated. The government, however, has ignored a ruling by the state’s highest court, the  Council of State, to restore the signal until the agency is restructured.

All 2,656 workers at the station were fired and only 1000-1200 will be brought back to run a new operation called NERIT, which is planned to be independent.

The new administrator informs the employees that, “Your employment or work contract has terminated from June 11, 2013. Instead of the legal compensation you deserve, you will receive a two month salary.”

The President of the PanHellenic Federation of ERT employees characterized the development as irrational, and mentioned that on one hand the employees are dismissed, but on the other they haven’t signed their dismissals yet.

It was noted that the former employees of ERT are obliged to preserve all the assets of the station and its subsidiaries. It is considered that all assets are under the possession and under the responsibility of the employees, in the framework of their duties deriving from the execution of their dissolved contract, the regulation and every relative general or specific delegation of tasks.



  1. Oh the inhumanity of firing unnecessary government workers by mail. We should have rolled out the red carpet and gave them all raises for sucking the Greek taxpayer dry for years.

    Its a “coup” claim the bizarre communist leader Tsipiras of he:”democracy” loving Syriza supporters. For the communist version of “democracy” visit Democratic” Republic of North Korea… or any Soviet Block state..

    Just make sure not to criticize leftists or the government like our communist fanatics are allowed to do in democratic Greece… or you might end up being killed or go missing for “democracy”.


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