A Child Counts The Stars in Patras

imageOne of the books from our most tender teenage years and a favorite children’s novel, A child counts the stars, by Menelaus Loudemis will “come alive” again in the form of musical expression that carries the namesake title, on June 30 at the Patras International Festival.

The timeless Costas Voutsas and dynamic Thanassis Tsaltabasis share the lead roles. It is a musical which approaches the issue of children’s rights and equal opportunities in education.

The show revives memories and images of the famous and beloved novel, which is also the autobiography of the Greek novelist Menelaos Lountemis, while it features an entire era with social references.

A journey to adulthood. A journey towards knowledge. A child in conflict with social reality in order to achieve his goals, to make his dreams come true, with his determination and passion for learning his only weapon. Lountemis’ work touches the hearts of both children and grown-ups, as it concerns every human who, regardless of the era they live in and despite all obstacles, will do anything to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and learning.