At ND Convention, Samaras Defends ERT Cut

samarasenatosynedrioAdmitting that his New Democracy Conservatives and their coalition partner the PASOK Socialists had packed the former public broadcaster ERT with political hires before abruptly shutting it down on June 11, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras nonetheless said the decision – taken by ministerial decree followed by ignoring a court order to restore the signal – was the right move.

Speaking to his party’s convention on June 28, a weary Samaras – who had to interrupt his speech at one point to take a seat briefly to rest – said that most of the political appointments at ERT in the past were made by PASOK , taking a shot at the party he has brought into an alliance, and appointing Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos as Deputy Prime Minister.

He said the decision to shut the TV and radio service down was the only way to deal with its “sinful” past. He didn’t mention charges by former workers there that he directed the hiring of at least high-paid no-show advisors or that one of his minister’s ordered a show with a 1 million euro budget be established for his daughter.

“You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs,” he told some 4,000 delegates, adding a warning for ERT employees that continue to broadcast from its headquarters that “sit-ins” would not be tolerated. He did not mention the order from the Council of State, the country’s highest court, to restore the signal while the government sets up a replacement to be called NERIT, but with only 1000-1200 of the former staff of 2,656 were who fired without warning so that Greece could meet targets set by international lenders to reduce the public workforce.

With that crisis behind him, he got good news this week as well with the announcement that Azerbaijan had chosen the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) that would pass through Greece to deliver natural gas to central and western Europe, which could be a 1.5 billion euros ($1.95 billion) bonanza. The Azeris ruled out a competing pipeline called Nabucco West which would have bypassed Greece.

Samaras said the TAP deal proved that the “prophets of doom” were wrong. The prime minister said that gas provider DEPA, whose privatization was abandoned earlier this month, would also be sold soon. He didn’t mention that the government’s sale of a 33 percent stake in the gambling monopoly OPAP was on the verge of collapse because the winning bidder, the Greek-Czech consortium Emma Delta, wanted to renegotiate some of the terms.


  1. The Biggest traitor in Greece has put the final nail in Νέα Δημοκρατία.
    Νέα ΠΑΣΟΚρατια is born but will have a early death.

  2. While Samaras continues playing Dictator of Greece and closes ERT TV, 100s of Greeks are committing SUICIDE daily from harsh Austerity!

    But “Why’ isn’t the Greek Justice System or Courts or the Greek Press asking and focusing on where 250 million Euros went in bogus fraudulent loans to PASOK and ND Parties from their Banker cronies which they both so far “refuse” to account for ?!!!

    Where did this 250 million Euros in Greek Taxpayers money go to and into who’s personal pockets?? That would have been a major boon to Greek lost revenues.


    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS behaviour by the PRESS and this horrific Gov’t of thieves & Liars !!

  3. Ignoring a court order eh? Sounds like something a ‘fascist’ or a totalitarian would do. But then again Samaras is considered a a true patriot by a certain zealot in here.

  4. A certain “zealot” also apologizes for fanatics like worldarts who encourage violent terrorism with his commie cut and paste rhetoric. (assuming he is even Greek)


    you get ever tired of pasting the exact same things every post? (in
    CAPS no less). Your cutting and pasting obsession does not really
    deserve a response so from now I will cut and paste this every time I
    see you cut and past the exact same remarks.


    Whatever the mistakes the middle ground parties have made the second
    place communist Syriza party you support is downright evil.

    Have you no shame for supporting a party that glamorizes the communist
    terrorists that massacred Greeks while trying to detach Macedonia from
    Greece for the sake of IMRO during the civil war? Or is that you aren’t
    Greek and just another Skopian troll trying to trick us?

  6. You avoid the issue like you constantly do. What entitles Shifty Sammy to avoid a court order? Parliamentary immunity?

  7. Avoid what issue? How we should all irrationally rant about our moderate colation governemnt with communist extremists at number two and GD at number three?

    I am certainly not popular among leftists. The further left you go, the more they hate me for stating the obvious. We have shift gears from our over dependence on government to focus on private enterprise.

    The Skopians threatening our country hate me too. They love our leftists though.

  8. Courts are just a part of the government. Sometimes courts have the final say sometimes the elected leadership.

    Now why don’t you answer my question. Who do you think will win the next election if we all rant against Samaras like you do?

  9. Sure buddy. I am the “troll”. Meanwhile you are the one slandering anyone that isn’t a far leftist fanatic as “fascist” while defending fanatics like worldart who calls for violent REVOLT.

  10. I can’t believe you said that!! This government in other words, is above the law. And what role pray tell does ERT play in “National Security” so that this government can ignore a ruling pertaining to it.

    You have just said the most damning thing against yourself in this forum. You are so blinded against your irrational hatred for anything you perceive to be slightly ‘left’ that you will go to any length to defend and be an apologist for this current government. Samaras, and it seems you, are both fascist as you both have no regard for the law.

    FYI, I dont fear Skopians. The population in their shithole of a country is 40% Ethnic Albanian. I give them 10 years by which time they will cease to have a country as they will be ‘KOSOVO”ed by then.

    But shame on you Mr Alex, you are so blinded by your fanaticism you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  11. Trolling again? Who said the government is above the law? I said that it is a grey area because the legislative branch is also responsible for making laws.

    I would say the shame on you for putting your handout politics ahead of the needs of our country.

  12. Listen here asswipe. I have never collected a cent in welfare in my life. Get off your high and almighty horse. People have rights and all you want to do is deny them certain rights in defence of this highly unpopular and corrupt regime. 20 something percent and 50 extra seats does not give them a mandate to ruin people’s lives so that banks don’t lose any money. Shame on you for lowering yourself so far to defend these criminals.

    When you are in a corner and know you’re obviously wrong, you call this whole issue a ‘grey area’. What’s grey about it? The courts said don’t do it, and Shifty Sammy went ahead and did it anyway.

    The real troll in here is obviously you. Someone who has unlimited time and can sit in here typing all sorts of misinformation and propaganda. Have a look in the mirror Alexaki.

  13. Lots of people claim lots of things on this website troll.

    You claim to be Greek right? Assuming for a moment you aren;’t one of the handleswapping Skopians that troll this website that constantly attacking our coolition government in the hopes the treasonous second place communists win… why don’t you explain to the actual Greek posters here whom you actually support?

  14. The same can be said about you. Everything I said about myself is true. I don’t care if you belive it or not.

    I don’t support any parties. They are all a disappointment I just want Hellas out of the EU. I loathe and detest the EU with a passion. It is undemocratic and a kind of ‘economic third reich’. Your boy Shifty Sammy says that the euro must be saved at all costs. To hell with him. Hellas must be saved at all costs. Because I criticise your boyfriend, that automatically make me a leftist communist ? right? How ridiculous is that.

    I am left to a certain degree in that I believe that people should stand up for their rights and not be exploited by the corporatists. I belive in unions that work and I belive in strong government that works and is accountable and most importantly I believe in a strong Hellas with it’s culture and it’s heritage left intact.

    I am not a corporatist like you. I don’t believe people should ‘shut up and do as they’re told’ like you want. I detest foreign meddling in the guise of ‘foreign investment’. The state working with it’s people should be able to provide all it’s needs. I want all illegaIs out of the country detest SYRIZA for this obsessive love affair it has with illegals.

    I have made my point clear many times but you are too dense to see it. All you do is parrot the same old ‘he is not for us, so he is a commie’ bs time and time.

  15. What planet are you from? Last I checked the Greek people voted the coalition into power. The ones that didn’t vote for it were mostly the fanatics that vote for extremists like communist Syriza. (Putting their politics ahead of the needs of our country)

  16. The state working with it’s people should be able to provide all it’s needs… is COMMUNISM. The people providing for themselves rather than shamelessly demanding handouts from the state is what is rational.

    Saying you “don’t support any parties” is a cop out that far leftist fanatic thessalo8ki used. I would also note you evaded my question yet again.

    You claim to be against Syriza but whom do you think will win the election if the current coalition government you keep ranting about falls?

  17. What is the definition of government? Since you live in the US, have you not heard of “we, the people’?

    Government = the people numbnuts!

    Last I checked none of us live on islands by ourselves. We live in communities (origin of the word communism) and societies (origin of socialism). I believe in a Hellenic society. If that makes me a socialist, then so be it.

    You and your libertarian nonsense have worked out real well in Haiti and Somalia?

    I suggest if you believe in ‘selfism’ and want no roles in communities or societies, feel free by all means to relocate to some cave or desert and live out your rugged individualism.

    For the last time, I want out of the Euro and I want Greece to be sovereign. Whoever delivers that has my support. So far, noone has. The only one that comes remotely close is GD. have I made myself clear? Or do I need to spell it out again?

  18. “We the people” is a reference to the preamable of the US constitution. It is not a reference to direct democracy.

    I beleive in Hellenic society to… which has nothing to do with either Socialism and Communism (neither of which existed in ancient times)

    I am not a libertarian you patronizing idiot. I am just opposed to treasonous antihellenic far leftist extremists. (which clearly do not concern you given you keep defending them)