Youth Parliament’s 18th Session Begins

vouli efivonThe 18th session of the educational program, Youth Parliament, in Greece began on June 28 and will be concluded on July 1.

The fundamental aim of the program is to initiate young people into the parliamentary institutions and the cultivation of democratic values in  modern society, such as the interest in the commons, as well as the contribution to responsible and documented dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding.

During the weekend, June 29-30, the teen deputies will hold sessions, corresponding to the Standing Committees of the Greek Parliament.

The committee on Educational Affairs will focus on the subject, School Violence- Bullying, the committee on Social Affairs will work on the subject, The protection of the minor user of the Internet and social media (Facebook, twitter, my space, etc).

The committee on Economic Affairs, Production and Trade will work on the subject, The financial crisis and its effects on  the environment and the quality of our life.”

Certain expert scientists will participate in the committees’ work.

The teen deputies will attend the scheduled cultural activities. On July 1, the 18th session of the Greek Youth Parliament will complete its works with the convening of its plenary session.