Tobacco Smuggling Soars In Greece

tsigaraWith the government increasing taxes across the board, more Greeks are turning to buying smuggled tobacco products, costing the country at least 600 million euros ($780.5 million) in lost revenues from 2011-12, a survey by the Center of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) has found.

That occurred even as the rate of smoking in Greece, the highest in the European Union, has begun to fall off, even though Greece hasn’t enforced five smoking bans in the last 10 years and most people light up wherever they want, including in public buildings, where it is allegedly prohibited. That includes clerks who smoke while serving customers.

KEPE noted a survey done by AC Nielsen in Greece in April 2013, according to which it is estimated that tobacco trafficking consists 18.6 percent of the total consumption, compared to 7.3 percent at the end of the year 2010. Cigarette smugglers routinely can be seen selling their goods in broad daylight in major centers of Athens, including near police stations.

The Finance Ministry said it’s costly, showing a drop in tobacco revenues from 3.4 billion euros ($4.42 billion) in 2011 to 2.71 billion euros ($3.52 billion) in 2011, a drop of 11 percent just as Greece needed revenues the most to try to offset a crushing economic crisis.

KEPE noted that tobacco smuggling worldwide costs governments more than 30 billion euros ($39 billion) in lost monies, including 12.5 billion euros ($16.26 billion) in Europe alone.


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  2. This kind of organized crime can not flourish without graft being paid to officials at every level. It’s time to scotch the snake at the head. When was the last time the public learned of an investigation that included collusion of authorities of the highest and mid-levels who contribute to the operations of a “black market” ?

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  3. “KEPE noted a survey done by AC Nielsen in Greece in April 2013,
    according to which it is estimated that tobacco trafficking consists
    18.6 percent of the total consumption, compared to 7.3 percent at the
    end of the year 2010.”

    The same thing happened a few years ago in NYC when Bloomberg raised cigarette taxes. At this time about 70% of all cigarettes smoked in NYC don’t pay NYC taxes. 18.6% isn’t so bad, and it took 2 years to double, plus a little more. They should be at the 70% NYC level within a couple of years. But both these examples are nothing compared to the taxes Canada had 20 years. A pack of cigarettes back then cost almost $9–who could afford them? Just about nobody and that’s why 90% of all cigarettes sold at that time in Canada were sold under the table. Eventually Canada rolled cigarette taxes back cause they weren’t making any money, and second, it was costing them a fortune watching for guys with canoes rowing across the St. Lawrence from the US with 20 cartons.

  4. Not having learned, and under the pressure of the anti-smoker lobby, Canada raised the taxes again a few years ago and now a pack of premium brand cigarettes is more or less $10 depending on the province. The untaxed native cigarette business is booming once again with between 30 – 50% (depending on the province) of all cigarettes smoked being untaxed native cigarettes that sell for approx $7 per plastic baggie of 200! They are of very poor quality and sometimes contaminated with bugs, with rodent feces, floor sweepings and what have you, but this is exactly what many youngsters smoke and also make money reselling them to their peers.