Women Smuggle Gold Inside Themselves

xrysafi kipiTwo women of Albanian descent who were traveling on a bus from Thessaloniki, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey on June 28 were arrested after police said they found two kilograms of gold inside their genital organs.

The two women, who arrived in the Customs office of Kipi, located near Evros, Greece, were said to be acting suspiciously which led customs officers to first search their bags before handing them to a female officer for a complete body cavity inspections which revealed the gold inside them, including chains, plates and rings.

Authorities estimated the goods were worth about 45,000 euros but after questioning the women didn’t reveal where or how they got the gold or what they intended to do with it.

The illicit commodity was confiscated and the two women were fined 25,000 euros, which they reportedly couldn’t pay and were instead continued held in detention.


  1. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term “Insider trading.”
    Yeah, I’m bad. That was uncalled for–sorry ladies. We probably can not fathom the desperation these individuals must experience to do such a thing. Nobody said this world was fair–or honest.

  2. Why weren’t they allowed to keep their own gold? If I had to travel with a bunch of gold, I certainly wouldn’t trust TSA to not take it!


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