Albanians Giving Up On Greece Too

AlbaniaWith Greece already undergoing an exodus of professionals and its young to escape a crushing economic crisis that has shut out their future, prospects are so bleak that even Albanian immigrants who used to get into the country by any means possible are trying to get out.

According to the latest report by the Albanian Center for Competitiveness and International Trade (ACIT), 18 to 22 percent of Albanian migrants who lived and worked in Greece have returned in Albania, about some 180,000 people.

Ta Nea, noting the phenomenon, reported that high taxes and a soaring cost of living, along with limited opportunities and Greece’s record 27.4 percent unemployment rate were the main reasons.  “The financial crisis forces Albanians of our country to repatriate in a country they have never seen. After a multi-annual stay in Greece, adjustment in the paternal homes is not easy for all Albanians,” the report said.

“Some years ago, the Albanian authorities tried to make the integration process easier for young that were returning after a long stay in Greece,” the article added. “Migration offices have been set in every county and the provision of monthly financial allowances of 8,000 Lek (about €60) per family has been established. Just 5 percent of the repatriated asked for and were delivered this amount,” as explained in the newspaper.

ACIT stressed out that this return migration wave is expected to put strong pressure to the country’s public services and mostly to the educational and health system. “Most people seek jobs in arts they learned in Greece” and chiefly in agricultural production, where the biggest part (25 percent) activates.

Given the crisis that hits the neighboring country on other domains, as the constructional (building work and other), most of Albanians – almost Hellenized after so many years of stay in Greece – have to face the extremely big difficulties concerning the healthy settlement and adjustment to the new data, while the cost of ‘failure’ that accompanies and emotionally burdens many of them has to be added in this situation.


  1. thankg god what greek athoroties could not do in the last ten year the greek economy did farewell assholes

  2. @Mike anyone displaying such hate is bound to have their frustrations coming from elsewhere than immigration policy. I advise you to look deeper into yourself. Peace.

  3. In the not too distant future Golden Dawn will take power in Greece. This future Golden Dawn government will round up every single last illegal immigrant and deport them back to their nations of origin.

  4. and what is the problem about Albanians returning to their country? We Greeks would be glad if the Greek diaspora started coming back home in droves.

  5. There is nothing wrong with people returning to they countries if they can and want to. The sad thing is everyone is leaving, Greeks especially. And I don’t see any Greek diaspora coming here given the state of the country. They left to seek opportunities they never had here. What incentive do they have to return ? Just the country being your homeland is not enough, if your family is in danger of starving to death. Much like all emigrants/immigrants all over the world.

  6. BINGO.

    Some of us have the option of choosing and believe me, unless the choice in Mongolia, it’s a lot better in most Western countries.

    No matter how smart or resourceful or hard working one is, if the country economy is devastated and no end in sight, it’s better to wait then to join the pain. Worse now, even if you have money made outside the country the politicians are spending all their waking hours trying to figure how to STEAL it, rather then how to make a better future.

    As for the Albanians leaving. Neither here or there. Unlike the illegal migrating hordes now, they came in smaller numbers and when it was a good time for Greece and contributed in it’s building, but now, there is nothing for them or us.

  7. Yea but then Nordic peoples will flood Greece because that is what the Golden Dawn want, not Greece for the Greeks but white people in general. I like Greeks and I am Greek and I am ashamed that the Golden Dawn ”Greek Nationalist” will allow non-Greeks to join their movement. According to their program you are not made a Greek you are born a Greek but then they claim they will allow non-Greeks to join the movement. The truth is that they are not Greek Nationalist they are just white supremacist. Its not Greece for the Greeks its Greece for the Europeans. That’s just what Adolf Hitler would want. I am a true Greek Nationalist. I don’t care if you are European I do not see people from Serbia or anywhere else in the continent as Greeks. Just people of whom are of Mycenarian and Minoan origin are true and original Greeks and Greece belongs to them.

  8. That must be one of the most untrue statements ever made about Greeks. Albanians have caused nothing but crime and agrevation wherever they have gone in the world. Switzerland being a prime example. Greeks DO NOT have that reputation ANYWERE. This is not racist, its fact. Dude !!

  9. that is ridiculous Jack, .Golden Dawn wants Greece for the Greeks…read their statements and their political will see that it is pro Greek party.. As for foreigners..they consider all foreigners are non-Greeks ..regardless of color or race ..and no they won’t allow Nordics to flood Greece either.

  10. Now yes, but same roots. Suggest you learn the true DNA and anthropology. I for one recall, Golden Dawn in the 80’s or something saying this…

  11. People are people and race should be disregarded as a means of separation, however just because Greece is in the Eurozone, that doesn’t make its people more closely related to the Germans or the British, they are in fact closer related to the Iranians but obviously this is not what Golden dawn teaches it’s people. The saddest part of the white supremacist movement in Greece is the non-existence of it amongst the majority of the population

  12. and the Albanians are not? give me a break…are you forgetting Vorio Hpeiros ? Greeks there are having a hard time with racists Albos…and not just Greeks but other minorities as well…read this article…………………………….

    Ethnic Macedonians and Greeks in Albania have joined forces against
    official Tirana which has undertaken steps of intimidation against the
    minorities living there.

    According to article 20 of the
    Census law, there is a $1,000 fine for each citizen who at the census
    will declare themselves anything other than what was written down on
    their birth certificate. If this is not intimidating, Albania has said
    it would jail citizens that would refuse to declare or be counted in the

    In other words you can say you are Albanian, or the other option is $1,000 fine or jail?

    Tirana attempts to hide the true number of Macedonians. They recognize
    Macedonians in Mala Pespa, but there are plenty of Macedonians in Gora,
    Golo Brdo, Korcha, Elbasan, Tirana, Drach, Bilista etc” says Edmond
    Temelko, president of the Macedonian political party.

    The Greek minority in Albania agrees with the Macedonian party.

    census law is discriminatory and inhumane. We have already said that
    articles 20 and 21 of the Census laws are unacceptable for us. How do
    you punish and fine someone for declaring their own nationality or if we
    refuse to sign the census forms”, says Tanas Kochi from Greek
    organization “Omonia”.

    Both the Macedonian and Greek
    organization have requested to have their own representatives in the
    census organization to make sure census numbers are not abused. At the
    very least the minorities have requested the census be delayed by six
    months until their demands are met.

    Numerous minority groups in Albania claim their numbers are at least 30% of the population, or around 1 million.Official Tirana puts its number of minorities at 80,000.


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