Summer Coffee in Greece: Frappe Vs. Freddo Variations

Summer has already arrived in Greece; the sun is shining, the days are growing longer, the beaches are full of people looking for some fun and relaxation, and the cafes offer some of the most praised beverages against the hot weather. Cold variations of coffee are a must for everyone in Greece this time of the year. Enjoy your frappe while playing  backgammon or chatting with your friends at a sea front cafe, try a cappuccino freddo after work and relax in the summer breeze or taste a strong espresso freddo before work and feel the energy flow within you.

The war of different coffee variations has begun. The traditional fans of frappe will not give up on the national cold coffee beverage for any other Italian-style coffee type, no matter what. The strong flavor and texture of frappe is unique and it symbolizes the summer, light spirit, good company and easy-going life. Dimitris Vakondios invented it by chance in 1957 during the International Thessaloniki Fair and ever since the frappe is typical of Greek contemporary culture. Add some milk and sugar to two or three tablespoons of Nescafe, stir very well in a shaker, pour some water and lots of ice cubes and there you go, your summer frappe is ready.

There are of course other alternatives to try. Cappuccino freddo is especially favored by Greeks. The Venetian monks version of cappuccino was established in the 17th century when they added milk and honey to Greek coffee. A milk foam called “afrogala” in Greek, lots of ice and some syrup depending on how sweet you like your coffee, create the biggest rival of frappe during the summer.

For something more of a booster during the day, and especially helpful in the mornings, go for an Espresso freddo served in a medium glass with lots of ice as well and as much sugar as you like. The strong flavor of the coffee will leave you totally satisfied and ready to go on with the rest of your day.

If you are more daring, try to put some vanilla ice or liquor in your frappe or espresso freddo. It takes the coffee to a whole new level of tastiness.

And last but not least, for those who are not particular fans of coffee or simply avoid it for various reasons, you can always choose the fredochino, which is a coffee, chocolate, milk and sugar beverage and reminds a bit of a milkshake. The original taste and cool temperature make it an absolute delight for those who have already had too many coffees during the day.


  1. The country is going to hell in a hurry and you have this idiotic article. It’s getting to the point weher some people won’t even be able to afford a coffee soon.

  2. Yes, that’s right… let the Dictators Samaras and fat pig Venizelos rob Greece blind while us silly Greeks sit around sucking on Frappes… Wake up you lazy Cowards!

  3. The cowards are those afraid to stand up for our country by speaking out against the many many Greek hating foreign bigots that mocked us for warning against recognizing FYROM… and now dishonerably pretend not to notice the Skopians little transformation into ancient macedonians.

  4. I am Greek Worldarts. You do not speak for me nor the millions of other Greeks that support Samaras. You speak primarily for treasonous communist Syriza and SKopians.

  5. The solution being…

    a. demanding the government should pay for our coffees?

    b. focus on producing something ourselves so we can buy our own coffee?

  6. Who is trolling who? LOL

    How the hell we gonna do anything with the EU straighjacket. Out of the EU NOW!!!!

  7. Ibid…. “Alex” is a CIA mole & using USA propaganda in these blogs to promote the USA & EU agenda.

  8. You are a CIA mole operating illegally in our country. Get out NOW! You are the one stirring up trouble and hatred with the usual CIA tricks!

  9. he is a German banker who stands to lose trillions upon a Greek default/return to drachma

    for anyone still confused about where GERMANTSOLIA alex’s true colors lie. those poor german banks who apparently were forced to lend money they made money on then got bailed out when their bets went sour. privatize profits socialize losses the mantra of banker facsist puppets like Alex. boo hoo hoo cry me a river you traitor

    “Alex • 24 minutes ago

    You mean the German banks that were robbed (EMPHASIS ADDED) blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?”

    Alex • 2 hours ago

    Of course defaulting is a matter of morality you idiot.


    Right comrade. I am a “Nazi” for stating the morally obvious. We are the ones that stole money from the Germans.

    11:46 p.m., Thursday June 20


    You mean the German banks that were robbed blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?

    11:24 p.m., Thursday June 20″

  10. More like you two are skopian trolls pretending to be Greeks. You seem to defend every anti-Hellenic Greek and attack those that defend Greece.

  11. Couldn’t agree more. As a regular tourist in Greece and a daily drinker of real coffee in my own country, buying my coffee there has always been a rip off. What Greece sadly calls coffee is the most expensive I have come across anywhere in the world.
    They drink so much of that instant ‘Nescafe’ stuff frothed with caned milk, with sugar or not, they pay a physical high price also. A doctor there told me they suffer the worlds highest rate of stomach and renal related problems in the world,

  12. Whilst I do admire your passion about the whole Skopian issue bear in mind. the US, the biggest bully on the block has recognised FYROM as Macedonia. Why do you conveniently forget this fact? What the hell can we do about it? Tell me???

    When the US sneezes, everyone gets a cold. They are the same country who helped steal Kosovo from our Serbian friends and gave it to the asshole Albanians. Why don’t you ever mention that?

    I for one, have no time for those misguided foolish Skopians who have so sense of history nor self respect and their shithole of a country is destined to meet the same fate as Kosovo eventually.

    Your continued bleating about this issue misses these important points?

    BTW, I do agree with you that the coffee in Greece is disgusting. Nescafe with Gala Nounou is not very pleasing to the taste buds.

  13. I have not “forgotten” that the US betrayed Greeks by recognizing FYROM. I also pay attention to the fact US media dishonestly pretends not to know it used to militarily support us on this issue (as have the modern Brit who have also betrayed us). Serbia are not are friends you delusional idiot. The Serbs have betrayed us just like the American did. You have no clue what’s going on around you.

    “Macedonia “won’t have better friend than Serbia” BELGRADE — President Tomislav Nikolić on Monday in
    Belgrade received Macedonian Ambassador to Serbia Ljubisa Georgievski in a farewell visit.

  14. That was all a facade. I still consider Sebians our friends. Don’t forget Serbia had the snot bombed out of them by the US. They are told what to say or there will be consequences. When push comes to shove, they are our friends.
    All your ranting and raving about FYROM doesn’t count for squat as long as the US says so. Besides 40% of their population is Albanian, I give then 10 years and it will be another Kosovo. Your constant whining about Skopians is pointless. It achieves nothing. It’s a distraction to hide your irrational hatred for anyone who is critical of your boy Samaras.

  15. ??? Facade for whom?

    If the Serbs were our friends they would have denounced the Skopians behavior not call them best friends. Fullstop. They, like everyone else that calls the Skopians “macedonians” don’t give a rats -ss about Greece. That’s reality. What you live in is leftist fantasies of words..

    I find it facilitating how you now frame my warning about Skopians as “whining”. Here I thought millions of actual Greeks are deeply concerned about Skopians (especially seeing they are subsidized by nations much more powerful than Greece). We have *only* had four wars with in the last hundred years. (with one of the our communist treasonously colluded with IMRO)

    What’s irrational is your casual dismissal of a group trying to ethnically delete us, your hatred of Samaras, you refusing to explain to Greeks here whom you support beyond the party of whiners. In practice.. your anti-ND stance effectively makes you an ally of treasonous Syriza. You can narrate whatever you wish but that’s who would win an election if Samaras loses.

  16. FYROM is not going to be another Kosovo because the Skopians are being supported by other countries (including the Turks). Wake up. We are in a fight for our very ethnic survival with the odds heavily stacked against Greeks.

    Of course if someone is not Greek, they wouldn’t be concerned.

  17. What the hell you gonna do about it when the US is behind them? What the F**K ca you do??? Tell me dipshit???

    I’ll tell you what you can do…F**k all!! Just like the Serbs when they had Kosovo stolen from them

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  18. What can we do?

    How about take words and actions that defend our country than idiotically take words and actions that harm it like our far leftists do?.

    As for the rest of your arguments against me, they sound exactly like the Skopian false flaggers that troll me.

  19. I usually don’t swear this much.You seem to have a habit of bringing out the worst in people. You’re obsessed with Skopians and leftists and don’t see the real enemies, namely the EU and Turkey. So you can live in your bubble because it seems nothing will convince you otherwise.

    “Pontios aki enan omat”.

  20. Yes. I am concerned about Skopian trying to ethnically erase the Greek People and any far leftist extremists that collude with them. I think the vast majority of Greeks feel the same.

    Of course someone not Greek would attempt to trivialize Skopian issue.

  21. I don’t know what you are. All I know for certain is that most Greeks are concerned about Skopian issue. The exception would be the leftists,,, some of whom are great pals with the Skopians threatening our country.

  22. I am “CIA”. Mu haa haa. Pure genius that worldarts.

    Hey trollski why do you keep evading the question of whom do you support? You seem to hate everyone that the Skopians hate. Have yet to hear you criticize treasonous communists that collude with Skopians.