Will New Democracy Become New Greece?

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras exhorts New Democracy
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras exhorts New Democracy’s base at a convention to rally around him

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras hinted to his party faithful at the close of New Democracy’s weekend conference on June 30 that he may be ready to change more than just its identity, but its name, to New Greece.

Samaras used the term nearly 20 times during his speech, leading to speculation he wanted to re-brand the party that was founded in 1974 by Konstandinos Karamanlis into his own, even as he is overseeing a fragile alliance with ND’s long-time rivals, the PASOK Socialists, leading some cynics to dub the combine as NeaPASOKratia.

“Real progress needs a spirit of unity. We proved it. I send out an invitation to unity of the center-right to those who were with us, and to those who have drifted away for some reasons, and together all the citizens who feel the need for a new Greece. We hold the flag up high, when other people burn it. In 2021, New Greece will not be a vision, it will be reality,” he said. Lauding the flag, he added: “It symbolizes unity and it is not just a cloth as some foolish people said.”

He seemed to open the door for former members to return to the fold like lost sheep returning amid talk that a breakaway, George Karatzaferis, who created the far-right LAOS party that briefly served in a temporary coalition government last year before failing to win seats in Parliament, could also come back.

Samaras, since barely winning election last year over the major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA,) but with not enough support to rule outright, has ruled by following the orders of the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that is putting up $325 billion in two bailouts but demanded harsh austerity measures.

Samaras opposed those conditions when he was out of power and immediately embraced them after winning and said Greece had no choice but to do what it was told by the Troika and that he would do so faithfully.

“New Democracy is the political party that identifies a nation with a people, the country with its people, the state with its citizens, national independence with popular sovereignty, progress with public benefit, political freedom with law and order and social justice,” is in the foundation statement of New Democracy.

ND called itself radical liberals although it is Conservative. It supports free markets with state intervention in favor of social justice, although critics said that has been dismantled under Samaras, who issued civil mobilization orders to break and prevent strikes and is supporting orders of international lenders to take away workers’ rights while cutting salaries, slashing pensions and raising taxes.

New Democracy has been bleeding support to the rising neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has gone after the extreme right, but also dragged in those who said they feel betrayed and beleaguered by ongoing austerity that has pushed 20 percent of Greeks into poverty while politicians, the rich elite and tax cheats continue to prosper at everyone else’s expense.


  1. Back in the 1980’s the Coca Cola Company came up with the bright idea of renaming its brand to New Coke. After a few months of a continued downward slide they came back with Classic Coke, and printed the word classic on the can. They haven’t tried anything like that since. And while were on the subject beverages, let’s not forget to mention a success story.

    Back in the 1970’s beer executives discovered a way to make beer with 20% fewer calories. It was an instant success and people were willing to pay 20% more per six-pack because of the health benefits. How they made beer with 20% fewer calories remained an industry secret until someone spilled the beans and said it was a simple matter of adding 20% soda water into every beer. It was pure brilliance–they were selling beer for 20% more while only giving 80% beer. They doubled their profits overnight.

    Since Samaras is giving 20% less while demanding 20% more, he might be better off to follow the beer example rather than the Coca Cola example.

  2. While Samaras continues playing “Dictator of Greece,” we had over 3,250 Greeks commit SUICIDE from harsh Austerity! — Now we Greeks only have the same corrupt 2 Party “Gang of Criminals” again who robbed Greece for 37 years blind !

    “Why’ isn’t the Greek Justice System or Courts or the Greek Press asking where 250 million Euros went in “bogus” fraudulent loans to PASOK and ND Parties from their Banker cronies which they both so far “refuse” to account for ?!!!

    Where did this 250 million Euros in Greek Taxpayers money go to and into who’s personal pockets?? That would have been a major boon to Greek lost revenues.

    WHY IS THE WORLD PRESS & JUSTICE SYSTEM NOT ASKING them QUESTIONS??? Why isn’t the WORLD PRESS asking questions about this horrific corrupt phoney Gov’t made up of Criminals, Thieves & Liars !!

    See it here: http://300vspasokandnd.webs.com/

    Are we going to let Venizelos and Samaras walk off with 250 million Euros free?

  3. Unfortunately for the lying traitor,
    “Nea Pasokratia” is the only one that’s going to stick.

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    “Alex • 24 minutes ago

    You mean the German banks that were robbed (EMPHASIS ADDED) blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?”

    Alex • 2 hours ago

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    Right comrade. I am a “Nazi” for stating the morally obvious. We are the ones that stole money from the Germans.

    11:46 p.m., Thursday June 20


    You mean the German banks that were robbed blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?

    11:24 p.m., Thursday June 20″