Youth Parliament Confers on School Violence

bouli efivwnMost teenagers of the Youth Parliament expressed their anxiety about the dimensions of bullying at school and described the key causes to be the family environment and the economic and social crisis.

It was also noted that the phenomenon escalates significantly when students are close to taking their national university entrance exams. Teenagers proposed merged consultation support  by psychologists and social workers at schools as a solution to the problem.

Students asked for organized handling of risks posed by illegal online activities and addiction to online social networking, and highlighted the need to strengthen measures to protect the environment.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Vangelis Meimarakis, on opening the Youth Parliament session, prodded the teenage MP’s to close their ears to all those attempting to transform the financial crisis into a crisis of democracy.

“Close your ears to the sirens, all those who are trying to turn the economic crisis into a crisis of democracy. We want from all of you not to allow anyone lure you into depreciation of the institutions, especially the Greek parliament. The depreciation of politics is the worst thing in a well-governed state. Even more in our days that Greece is facing difficult conditions, facing problems directly linked to society. You are the future. You can pull us forward. And you can do that in a creative way transforming your momentum into the driving force, ” Meimarakis noted.