New Poll Shows ND-Syriza Derby

imagesAccording to the latest VPRC opinion poll for tvxs, Syriza is slightly ahead of New Democracy with 0.5 percent. In particular, Syriza proceeds with 28.5 percent, while ND gathers 28 percent. Golden Dawn follows with 14.5 percent. The Communist Party follows with 7.5 percent, then follows  PASOK with 7 percent and Independent Greeks with 5.5 percent.

According to VPRC, Democratic Left (DIMAR) gathers just a 2.5 percent and does not reach 3 percent which is the threshold for entering the Parliament. The percentage for the fringe parties  reaches 6.5 percent.

Still, there is a high rate (73 percent) of Greek citizens believing that the country is going toward the wrong direction. This belief was not changed by the recent cabinet reshuffle. Regarding the composition of the new government, 81 percent of the people questioned  expressed their disappointment, reaffirming that the reshuffle did not give the government an additional grace period. In contrast, only 22 percent share the view that the recently formed government will use up the four-year period, while 59 percent believe that early elections will take place in Greece.


  1. In other words, around 35 percent of our electorate are sympathetic to treasonous communist fanatics (big supporters of illegals disrespecting our borders and Skopians not only threatening our sovereignty but trying to ethnically delete us). Then there are the disillusioned leftist whiners that used to support Pasok that rant about our coalition government but never explain which party they actually support.

    And if you point this irrational behavior to either of these groups you are a “fascist”. (egged on by bigoted foreigners they fantasize are their comrades… the same sorts that now pretend not to notice the Skopians attempts to usurp our very identity- see Guardian, New York Times, HRW, et al)

    Then we wonder why our economy and country can’t move forward? (see north Korea for the wonders of communism). The answer is before us. Defend our borders. Focus on technology and business.

    Unfortunately some Greeks have learned absolutely nothing from our government debt mess. Same old. Same old. Lets go out and throw rocks at police and set fire to buildings. Rather than focus on their own actions, they shamelessly whine and whine hysterically for government to fix everything and blame everyone but themselves for their personal economic problems.

  2. Alex— You moron, you have the nerve to call SYRIZA or leftists Treasonists??
    Why has both PASOK & New Democracy still not accounted for the 250 million Euros they took in phony fraudulent loans that went to PASOK and ND Parties. given to them freely from their Banker cronies 10 years ago, which both Parties have so far “refused” to account for ?! — Is that a show of their “Good Government” and Management of Greece??

    Where did this 250 million Euros in Greek Taxpayers money go to and into who’s “personal pockets”?? That would have been a major boost to Greek lost revenues.


    Samaras and Venizelos are a corrupt Gov’t of Criminals, thieves & Liars !!

  3. It might be a good thing if Syriza won just so a few heads in this forum will explode. Seriously, if Syriza can ditch this ridiculous love affair they have with illegals and Skopians, then they might have a chance.

  4. Alex— if you had a brain it would be dangerous…. You can’t even understand the polls are showing this farce & fraud of a government is a total faliure and not going to last past October when the Greeks have their “One Million Man March” on Parliament to run these criminals thieves from PASOK & ND out and demand their resignations !!!!

  5. If SYRIZA wins the next election, within 12 months they will have proven themselves to be the most corrupt, hypocritical, treasonous Anti-Hellenic party in Greek history. The phony Tsipras will be quite lucky if he escapes the fate of one of his communist idols, the deposed and executed Romanian communist President turned dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

  6. You call others a “moron” when you come here ranting in support of communists. Communists for gods sake? Perhaps you don’t remember that communists massacred Greeks for IMRO during Greek civil war?

    Did watch the video of the treasonous Communist Syriza MP lobbying for Skopians? Or don’t you care because you’re not actually Greek?

  7. Syriza are treasonous but even without their antiHellenic antinationalism voting for communists would be terrible for Greece. The communist belief in central planned economy is not only idiotic but even tyrannical. (see economy of North Korea or any cold war communist country which were all far behind western countries)

  8. You are the dangerous one. You criminally argue in support of violence against Greeks and support of treasonous communist fanatics Syriza. Monster.

    Are you even Greek or just another Skopian troll?

  9. No kidding our country is going in wrong direction. With 28.5 percent voting for Syriza and KKE with 7.5, that means 36% of our population are crazied treasonous communist fanatics (you can bet all the illegals and Skopians wildly support the communists).

    Rather than focus on business of fixing their own lives they spend all their time making economic promises they can’t keep (not to mention their communist economics would turn Greece into a third world nation). We finally have a government thats trying to make cuts to balance budgets and our idiotic far leftists want to continue the same old same old.

    Eparxoun lefta. Just sell your vote to me comrade. Never heard that before.

  10. That’s precisely why I despise them (SYRIZA). That’s not to say I’m an economic rightwinger. I am definitely not a corporatist. I believe in unions, strong regulations, universal health care and a progressive tax system. I detest corporations that exploit not only people but wreck the environment in the pursuit of profit. Yes, I’m a leftie of sorts but more the Scandinavian model as opposed to the Soviet model. But I am also strongly nationalistic and belive in the Hellenic culture and identity. So far there is noone that represents someone like me. It is not SYRIZA and it is not the traitorous ND/PASOk old guard who are determined to sell the country out to save the godamn euro. The only one who comes moderately close is GD. Sadly noone has come out and spoken against the EU and the loathsome euro. Noone has spoken out against Turkey’s constant aggression and God help us if they somehow join the EU.

  11. You’re playing Nostradamus here. Let him have his go and if things turn out as you say, Iet him get the full Ceausescu treatment. A strong GD will keep him in his place. Things certainly can’t continue with the old guard selling off the country piece by piece.

  12. GD? really with their nazi hitler praising mantra. Don’t forget that hitler’s nazis killed 1 million + Greeks, way more than died in the civil war (a situation caused by the nazis Golden Dawn adores), and the pre-cursors to Golden Dawn, the security battalions whom they still praise to this day, COLLABORATED, with German Nazis to kill 1000s of Greeks who refused to bow down to Nazi Germany.

    all Greek political parties are awful, but NOTHING can match the treason Samaras and his gang of criminals in ND/PASOK have perpetrated the last few years and in the 30 years before the crisis.

  13. You are the dangerous one. You criminally argue in support of violence, financial terrorism, and a complete decimation of the Greek economy courtesy of your boyfriend Samaras and his traitors in ND/PASOK who caused and continue to exacerbate this crisis just to save their overlords in Germany and the ECB and their cronies with foreign bank accounts (lagarde list) in said countries. You support fascist ND (endless wall street bailouts Greece be damned) and Nazi Golden Dawn.

    We know you are not Greek and you are a very far removed 5th generation + american german nazi living in your mom’s basement . Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Skopian troll, you paranoid sub human. Just like not all supporters of Syriza are commies. Go and tell the people in Crete (who descended from Nazi killers and helped win the war along with the mainland resistance), where Syriza polled very high and Golden Dawn Nazis polled the lowest, that they are commies and see what happens to your pathetic german kefali with a bullet straight through your eyes (deservedly so)

    for anyone still confused about where GERMANTOSOLIA alex’s true colors lie. those poor german banks who apparently were forced to lend money they made money on then got bailed out when their bets went sour. privatize profits socialize losses the mantra of banker facsist puppets like Alex. boo hoo hoo cry me a river you traitor

    “Alex • 24 minutes ago

    You mean the German banks that were robbed (EMPHASIS ADDED) blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?”

    Alex • 2 hours ago

    Of course defaulting is a matter of morality you idiot.


    Right comrade. I am a “Nazi” for stating the morally obvious. We are the ones that stole money from the Germans.

    11:46 p.m., Thursday June 20


    You mean the German banks that were robbed blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?

    11:24 p.m., Thursday June 20″

  14. I lost both my grandfathers to the Germans during the war.I never said they (GD) were perfect. They constantly deny the neo nazi label. and are critical of Germany. They seem the only ones who are nationalistic. I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to support SYRIZA. I lean to the left when it comes to economics but fiercely nationalistic as well. I think most Greeks are like me.

    The only thing that will start the long road back to recovery is exit out of the Godamn euro.

  15. they can deny all they want, but their words and actions are loud and clear. their leader, to this day, praises and gives his allegiance to hitler, kasidiaris (the raging woman assaulting monkey) even so recently denied the holocaust, another mp of theirs has a tattoo on his arm that says “seig heil”, one of their main content writers on the anniversary of hitler’s death in april wrote “heil hitler. forever immortal in our hearts.” the ties to their idol hitler and nazism is undeniable, not to mention their praise for the 67-74 junta and their desire to return to an undemocratic dictatorship (not much different than what that traitor Samaras is doing today). No party with ties to nazism, especially considering that the nazis are responsible for 1 million + Greek deaths more than in the civil war that they caused, are nationalists. They are germavotsoliades like the security battalions they worship and like Samaras. They are neither nationalists and especially not Patriots. they are a disgrace to any educated Greek who realizes that their socio economic policies will do nothing to help Greece get out of the depression. they are the scum of the earth.

    being anti ND and anti-XA does not mean one has to support Syriza. Yes it so happens that if ND lost Syriza would gain power, but an ND loss is the best thing that can happen for Greece’s future instead of this slow motion train wrecked caused by Samaras just so that his banker buddies and friends on the lagarde list and friends who have deposits and/or bond/equity holdings in northern euro banks are made whole, country be damned.

    Greece needs to default on her debt and go back to the drachma. You are correct.

  16. The words of Syriza’s support for communists that massacred Greeks during our civil war are much clearer. Yet no one can find you endless posts denoucing communists.

  17. Pure nonsense. Nowhere do I argue in defense of violence against Greeks nor do I support GD you lying slanderous far leftist POS.

    Fanatics like you (and communist worldarts) is the biggest probelm greece faces.