Greece Wants EU To Take Immigrants

Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias
Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias

Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said the country continues to be so overwhelmed by illegal immigrants that other European Union countries should take some of them.

He told BBC’s Hardtalk program that undocumented immigrants in Greece were “a huge burden on our society,” and that Greece needs more assistance from the EU, which offers some aid and oversees the FRONTEX patrol program but which he said hasn’t done enough.

“The pressure that is being applied on Greek society and to the systems that support it are enormous,” he said. “I am saying the EU is not helping us enough.” He called for more EU funding and an agreement to share the number of migrants being accepted into European societies.

“It should be based on certain factors, for example the area of the country, its GDP and population,” he said. “I don’t believe there is one European citizen that thinks it’s right for a small country with a huge economic crisis, like Greece, to be burdened with 90 percent of the illegal migrants in the whole of Europe.”

He denied that Greece was mistreating migrants in “detention centers,” referring to them instead as “pre-removal centers” and saying that the government was improving facilities.

He defended the Xenios Zeus program, which has seen thousands of migrants stopped and searched since last year, saying that too many immigrants were crossing Greece’s border with Turkey and that the center of Athens had been “practically occupied” by migrants. He added that the scheme also protected migrants who were being victimized by gangs.

Dendias denied that Xenios Zeus was a waste of resources since only 6 percent of those stopped were arrested as it had helped Greek authorities get a better idea of “who is in the country.”

He rejected accusations that migrants had been abused by police and pointed out that more than 80,000 people were stopped but none of them have sued officers for their behavior. “I welcome any judicial process against the officer involved and he will be punished according to the law,” said Dendias.

He also denied charges that the government is not investigating racist assaults against immigrants, which some critics said are perpetrated by the neo-Nazi Golden party, which denied the claims.

“Impunity does not exist,” he told his interviewer Gavin Estler, adding that a special police unit has been set up to deal with racist crimes. But he said he’s worried about the rising presence of Golden Dawn, claiming that “its core is neo-Nazi and very dangerous for democracy.”

He said the party grew popular because of its anti-immigrant stance during a crushing economic crisis as many Greeks looked to the party for protection and in anger against the government.

But with polls showing the party has risen to as much as 10-12 percent, he said he didn’t believe it. “I am not willing to accept that a tenth of the Greek population has become neo-Nazis,” he said.


  1. ****undocumented immigrants****

    Gee, Andy deBlogger, back to your leftist garbage spin again? Since when did illegal migrants become “undocumented immigrants”? They are not “immigrating” to Greece, they are MIGRATING through Greece on their way to other European countries. They do not have any legal “immigrant” status of any kind. And as for those “documents”, they never got immigrant visas from Greece so they certainly entering the country ILLEGALLY Ergo…ILLEGAL MIGRANTS. You improved for a while and used correct terminology now you’re back to your leftist garbage spin.

    And yes….the rest of Europe can take them ALL. They never wanted to stay in Greece to begin with and I rather not make Greece a door mat for them.

    As for the usual “neo-Nazi” garbage, if the main parties do not resolve the peoples issues, the people will turn to those that will. No amount of guilt spin and victimhood whinning will sweep the illegal migrating hordes invasion under the carpet.

  2. Send all the illegals to those countries whining the most. The ratio of illegals in Greece is double the ratio of illegals in the USA. Imagine if overnight and addition 30 million illegals flooded the US…that’s what Greece has proportionally.

  3. Golden Dawn polling 10% to 12%, Hahahahahaha!
    I could link several mainstream polls from just the last few weeks showing Golden Dawn polling between 14.5% to 17%.
    Furthermore, if we take into consideration the fact that pre-polling in both the May 2012, & June 2012 parliamentary elections underestimated support for Golden Dawn by between 2 to 4 percentage points, then we can confidently assert that Golden Dawn is currently supported by 20% of the Greek electorate.
    Let the Zionist controlled media in Western Europe and their Marxist lackeys keep peddling these false understated numbers all they want. The shock will be even bigger come the May 2014 Greek municipal and European parliamentary elections!

  4. EU and all the Western states must return all Greeks from their land , since they have sucked enough blood from EU and USA. Greeks stole all they could, only after then COULD let those desperate people out of Grexit fake land…

  5. he is right, EU tells them to keep letting them in, now take some of them, maybe Barosso can take a family of Somalis under his roof, I am sure they will be excellent workers and clean, hygienic, civilised people.

  6. the whole of Africa and the whole of Middle East are trying to get to Europe..
    people must start killing those alliens themselves or our governments will not act because they do not care about the European nations but about their own filthy business.

  7. Mass migration is happening all over europe all european cou tries should get together and say enough or we will cause mass european revolt and pull out of the european union and we will control the borders mass immigration is changing the demographics of every eu country and its not only influx from countries that are eu they come from afghanistan,iraq,somalia,africa,india,pakistan i could add a few others the uk found it difficult to get rid of refugees from some of these countries they could not cope with the vast amount of applications they had a amnesty to make the problem go away but others came and those granted citizenship want to bring their family doubling the population their have been riots in france, sweden,greece and soon to be others at moment in uk we also have cuts to services welfare reforms housing problem workers wages frozen we are being undercut by foreign workers and im not only talking about white british im talking about migrants who have already made a life in uk we are all suffering pay does not strech so we are reliant on food banks which are being used by migrants asylum seekers and others i can see an uprising in the uk.