Greece’s Most Corrupt: Political Parties

CorruptionPic-630x400_559_355The most corrupt institutions in Greece – the most corrupt country in the European Union according to Transparency International – are the political parties critics say are running it into ruin.

Politicians and journalists are viewed as on the take by most Greeks with 50 percent also saying they’ve had to bribe public officials to get services.

The organization’s report finds Greece again rated at the bottom of 28 countries surveyed in the region covered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

To the question of whether the government is motivated by “big interests,” code for payoffs, 83 percent of Greeks said they’s true, compared to 70 percent of Italians, 55 percent of Germans, and only 5 percent of Norwegians. Most Greeks laid the blame for corrupt practices right at the feet of the government, now a fragile coalition of the New Democracy Conservatives and PASOK Socialists blamed for creating the economic crisis by packing public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless hires for generations in return for votes.

It was just as bad for Greek journalists, who scored lower than anyone else in the world except for Nigeria. Most Greek media is owned by businesses aligned with political parties and have newspapers, TV and radio stations to get government contracts and back their favorites, resulting in hugely-biased news reports in many instances.

However, while in 2010 the 75% of respondents believed that the corruption in Greece was increasing, now only 54 percent said they believe that. Transparency International said there’s still mistrust of the government and media in Greece at a dramatically high level.


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