Prof. Hatziioannou Wants To Learn Greek

nanotubesProfessor George Hatziioannou may have reached the top of his international scientific career and be considered as one of the most brilliant minds, but said he’s unhappy he can’t speak Greek fluently.

He told the news agency ANAMPA dthat as soon as he retires, he will study oenology “his childhood dream.”

Hatziioannou, Director of LCPO, CNRS, at Bordeaux University in France, is one of the three honorees at the international scientific polygegonos Nanotechnology 2013 which takes place in Thessaloniki from July 6 to 13.

As highlighted among others, within the next year one of the most innovative applications will be released on the market. The distinguished Greek scientist along with his team have been examining the possibility of integrating specific sensors into I Phones that will be able to detect the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of an indoor area and renew its air.

The aim of the research is to actually achieve the connection of each person’s personal information in cyberspace (cloud) with devices. For example, in that way, medical patient data (pressure, blood sugar levels) could be transmitted to the doctor’s staff computer, who will then be able to monitor these very data and intervene when needed.


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