British Drug Fugitive Nabbed in Athens

handcuffsgeneric_390Greek police, working in an operation with British authorities, on July 6 arrested a fugitive from the United Kingdom on drug charges while he was watching a rugby match on TV at an Irish pub.

Kevin Hanley, 50, is suspected of unlawful drug trafficking and was wanted by the British authorities, for a case of drug seizure in 2012 in Fulham, west London, according to the police.

His arrest came under a European warrant issued in Britain. When he was apprehended, a 44-year-old Greek woman was also arrested with him but the Greek authorities haven’t revealed her name. Both were wanted by British authorities on charges of money laundering and intent to supply narcotics.

According to Hanley had taken extensive precautions to avoid arrest: changing addresses, telephones and cars frequently and using several dual SIM mobile phones and his text messages were coded.

The arrest was realized by the Greek police in collaboration with Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) and the Scottish police. A team of British officers traveled to Greece before the arrest. “These arrests were a direct result of our close co-operation with the Greek authorities,” said Brendan Foreman, regional head of investigations at SOCA.

The officers asked not to be identified, pending further official announcements in both countries regarding Hanley’s arrest. As regards the drug seizure of November 2012, the British police said they recovered 20kg (44.1 pounds) of cocaine, 15kg (33.1 pounds) of cannabis and 15kg of amphetamine, as well as £2.1m in cash.

Another five suspects- four men and one woman- have been arrested in Britain for the same case. Hanley had been imprisoned in Britain for drug possession, as the police said they found 29kg (63.9 pounds) of cocaine in his car in 1998.


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