Former King of Greece Constantine in Hospital

1932511_532_355 (1)Former King of Greece, Constantine, was rushed to the hospital on July 8 after fainting, which alarmed the doctors because of  his heart condition.

According to the newspaper Espresso, everything started on the afternoon of  July 8 when he felt sick and had intense pains in the urinary system while he was on holiday with his family in Porto Cheli, in the Peloponnese.

His family is constantly by his side. The former king is being hospitalized at the Bioclinic Athens. His health condition is already burdened, as in May 2009 he underwent a double surgery in London for calcified aortic valve replacement.

According to information, the doctors at the Bioclinic Athens convened an emergency council to be fully informed of his condition and medical history, and communicated with his doctors at the London clinic where his surgery took place years ago.


  1. Perhaps you should take an objective look at the history of your country before making a comment that reeks of ignorance and impudence.

    Wishing His Majesty a speedy recovery!

  2. The Real traitors are those who overthrew Papadopoulos! This guy isn’t even Greek!

  3. You mean Colonel Papadopoulos, the military dictator and leader of the illegitimate junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to ’74? The same Colonel Papadopoulos was a Nazi collaborator during World War II and later served as a CIA agent? Pppft! He was overthrown by his co-conspirator, Brigadier Ioannidis, but it served him right.

    King Constantine was born in Athens. His father was born in Athens. His grandfather was born in Athens. His GREAT-grandfather was born in Copenhagen. How many generations have to pass before King Constantine and the Greek Royal Family qualify as ‘Greek’ in your eyes? My grandfather was German (as you can probably tell from my name). Does that make me German? Even though my mother and father are both British and I was born and raised in this country and can’t speak a word of German?

  4. The Americans consider anyone that is born in the USA Americans and nothing else…..does that make them American because they were born there? No. Constantine is not Greek, nor was his father or great grandfather. They are too mixed to be considered Greek. Being born on a piece of land doesn’t automatically make you something. As for you, you are German but live in another country.

    What did Constantine do as king for Greece? How did he benefit Greece? Was the economy better? That is why Papadopoulos too over. When he came into power the economy was better, less corruption etc. Since he was overthrown, there has been nothing but corruption. This country has been depleted!

  5. Yes,frankly, as far as I’m concerned, if you are born in a country and feel loyalty to a country then you are of that country. I am not German and it’s absurd to say that I am. I don’t speak German. I don’t live in Germany. I don’t think of myself as German. I’ve only even ever been to Germany, I think, twice in my entire life! My grandfather was born in Germany (he was naturalised a British subject) but married an Englishwoman, so my father is, at most, half German. Given that my mother is British (well, actually, Welsh) that makes me, at most, one-quarter German. I am at least three-quarters British even by
    genetic standards.

    Clearly, matters are more complicated for the Greek Royal Family, as with the British, due to the extremely rich lineage royal families tend to enjoy. But, for all intents and purposes, King Constantine is clearly Greek “but living in another country”. I don’t think that anyone who is third-generation Greek-born can reasonably regarded as ‘not Greek’. How many generations have to pass before they are Greek in your eyes? Five? Six? Ten maybe? Will my grandchildren be English or are they Germans too, because of their one German great-great-grandfather???

    As for what King Constantine did for Greece; apart from the Olympic gold medal he won for you (when he was still Crown Prince) at the 1960 Summer Olympics (the first gold medal won by Greece since 1912), he tried – despite his youth – to act as a good constitutional monarch for Greece. The economy was, of course, not his responsibility but the responsibility of the democratically-elected government. Your problem is that your country has been plagued by bad government for almost your entire existance. Colonel Papadopoulos was a treacherous, middle-ranking, military fascist, who took over Greece and
    formed a military dictatorship – meeting his King with tanks and threatening bloodshed! If His Majesty had not been so obsessive about avoiding that bloodshed, his ’67 counter-coup might have been successful. Your beloved
    Colonel did, actually, send intermediaries to the exiled King to negotiate his return, by the King refused unless there was a full restoration of democracy. The Colonel subsequently declared himself ‘Regent’ and eventually ‘President’ (all illegally) before being overthrown himself. That’s your idea of a good government???

  6. During the times of the (Eastern) Roman Empire, if you adopted Christianity, spoke Greek, and followed Roman law, you became a Roman (i.e. what we would now call a Greek, the term Greek in that time being reserved for non-Christian pagans). It didn’t matter what your blood ancestry was. It was only after the so-called Enlightenment that French and British academics who fantasized about the glories of Ancient (i.e. pagan) Greece created this stupid nationalistic nonsense. Look at Greece…full of Arvanites, Vlachs, Turks, Italians, all mixed together…those who are “pure” Greek are often a mix of Ancient Greek, Slav, Turk (especially the Christian Turks from Asia Minor)…for God’s sake, why is this pseudo-nationalistic anti-historic xenophobia so prevalent in Greece, which has a history of openness and inclusivity? If Greek culture is so great, then Greeks should be willing and eager to see others adopt it and become Greek. The King speaks Greek and is Orthodox, so he is Greek.

  7. Are you leading the crusade of bringing him back? The lion king is more likely to rule Greece than this puppet.

  8. So if Hitler spoke Greek and he was Orthodox he would be Greek as well in your eyes. Only non Greeks and commies speak like this. Constantine is a mixed.

  9. Constantine is mixed…..Of all the cultures he is, Greek is the less of it.

    You have German blood….that’s the truth, but you are 2nd generation in England now. You are in a country that doesn’t really have a clear identity because it is a country that has accepted different cultures. Just like the US. In England and the US, if you were born there, you are considered American or British.

    Good government….is someone that cares for their country and looks out for the best interest of their country. I am not saying that Papadopoulos was an angel…but looking back at it, he cared more about Greece and anyone since him. I want people in power that will do good for the Greek people and Greece! Since 1974 we have people in power that do good for themselves and other countries interests. You might think that Greece is a democratic nation, but it isn’t. The ruling parties have a 32% vote. The 68% majority are not represented at this point.

    Tell me something, how can the 2 parties that brought us to this point since 1972, take us to the next level? These politicians have never worked a day in their life. So looking back at all this, Papadopoulos looks pretty good next to these traitors!

  10. Well of course King Constantine is “mixed”! He’s royalty! In point of fact, I’m not sure he’s got a drop of Greek blood in him. That’s a consequence of the decision taken in 1863 by the Green National Assembly, to offer the throne of Greece to HRH Prince Vilhelm of Denmark, son of HM King Christian IX of Denmark. Prince Vilhelm subsequently became HM King George I of the Hellenes. In so doing, Greece selected for their Royal Family one of the noblest houses in Europe, the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg – a cadet branch of the Oldenburg dynasty. By blood and marriage, His Majesty’s lineage also includes the Russian Imperial House of Romanov, the German Imperial House of Hohenzollern, the Royal House of Hanover as well as the houses of Hesse-Kassel, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg and Hohenlohe-Langenburg. That in no way alters the fact that the King and his family took Greece to their hearts. Isn’t that, at the end of the day, what really matters? That the Greeks have a Head of State who loves them? You seem to give a lot of credit to Colonel Papadopoulos because he allegedly “care more about Greece” but, I ask you, how much can a guy who worked for the American CIA really care about his own country, if he’s prepared to work for a foreign government? You do know that, don’t you? The Colonel was a CIA operative.

    I may have German blood in my veins and I’m very proud of the fact! It in no way alters the fact that I am an Englishman, born and bred, and my first and only loyalty is to the United Kingdom! If we don’t have “a clear identity” it is because, as you yourself admit, we are a nation that has accepted different cultures rather than being insular and xenophobic!

    I will not comment on Greek internal politics. It seems to me that you’ve been badly led for most of your existence. I am a firm monarchist, however, and I think in King Constantine you at least had a leader that put Greece first rather than his own position. All your leaders since have been venal, corrupt and incompetent.

  11. The traitors to Greece my friend are not the King (whose costs as head of state were considerably more modest than that of the President)
    The real traitors are the rich who continue to evade taxes and want those with the least to get Greece out of the financial crisis they created. Check your facts before spouting off mindless viewpoints.

  12. Εχεις δικιο, αλλα απο κομπλεξαρισμενους, ταχα μου Ελληναρες, τι να περιμενουμε…

  13. Yes, wishing his Majesty a speedy discovery.
    King Constantine never did anything on purpose to hurt Greece! To the contrary, the politicians betrayed Greece and led it to disaster.
    Long Live King Constantine!

  14. You hit the nail on the head! Our beloved King Constantine never did anything purposely to hurt Greece. To the contrary, the politicians did..King Constantine and Queen Anna-Maria will live for ever in our hearts – the hearts of the real Greek people, who know who the traitors of our homeland are.

  15. Μάζεψε το βρωμο-στομα σου, βλαξ! (Watch your filthy mouth, moron).
    Whether you and your “comrades” – left wing liberals and traitors of Greece – like it or not, His Majesty King Constantine has come back permanently to live and breath the air of our country – his country, his homeland.
    Yes, he has come back and this time he is here to stay. And, triumphantly he will lead again, even if only in the hearts and minds of the real Greek people – not the traitors.
    In the mean-time, go pay your taxes and what you owe to your bank. It was not Constantine that caused your misery. We all know who caused the catastrophy of Greece. Do you, βλαξ?

  16. alex you should be ashamed of ur self u like the thives that have raped greece to this point conol popathopoulos had no money did u infact know that its facts they built evry thing with nothing we r still paying for it today if u had a clue u would also know that cia helped the junda bc king refused to let turkey invade cyprus n was willing to go to war with the turks ppl like u who like the morons thives r reason greece in is in its curent state hence greks want the king back n its slowly happening

  17. alexandra there stupid they have no clue first its hes not full greek then its bc he had an affair with aliki vouyouklaki be for he wed anamaria then its this then that astous na fonasoune

  18. ps he moved back and now there is a new monarchist party ethnikielpida look them up they r getting alot of support greeks want the monarch bc it gives us some thing to be proud of we have no pride bc of the thives pigs that steal our familys hard ernd money case closed

  19. any moron who thinks other wise should have there money takin for them see how it feels malakes

  20. Are you people insane? The monarchy destroyed Greece and I hope King Constantine II and his stupid House of Glücksburg can go burn in hell. They are all traitors who treated the greek people as slaves. Political freedom was suppressed and as far as I am concerned if you are really nationalistic and patriotic you should advocate for a republic. Rigas Feraios and other greet greek revolutionaries who fought for Greece advocated for a republic. The Greek monarchy lead to the events of the Asia Minor, Metaxas Dictatorship, World War II, Greek Civil War and other tragic events that has lead Greece into the hellhole it is today. King Constantine II of Greece is related to Prince Philip of the UK who is a Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist. Queen Federica of Greece who was King Constantine’s mother was a member of the Nazi youth league. In Britain, people are disgusted with the British monarchy and here we are talking about a Greek monarchy restoration. What is wrong with you? Down with the House of Glücksburg and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha! Long live Republicanism!

  21. umm it destroyed greece lmfao u are quite stupid buddy bc the day be for yes or no vote the news ppl from anntenna news where in athens at the banks talking to ppl n a old man who lived thru both monarchie n dictator ship said this i lived thru both n greece was nevr in this mess so how is it monarchie destroyed greec e