Greek Public Television Is On Air

αρχείο λήψης Deputy Minister  for Public Broadcasting, Pantelis Kapsis said on June 10 that national broadcaster ERT, shut down on June 11,  will be on air again until a replacement station called NERIT gets up and running.

The interim station will be called Greek National Television (EDT) and its logo has now appeared, replacing blank screens.

According to ERT’s worker, EDT broadcasts from the old studios of Mega Channel in Paiania, East Attica, which was confirmed by Kapsis. He also added that EDT is only a transitional media.

At the same time, Kapsis called ERT workers for discussion. “The door is always open” he stated. They have continued to broadcast pirate signals via satellite and on the Internet while refusing to leave the station’s headquarters in Athens.

EDT will begin running soon, Kapsis said, but will show only movies and documentaries while news headlines will also appear. Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglu said that EDT meets the Council of State ruling that ERT’s signal has to be restored although it has not.   “In three months the new media will begin transmission,” he added.