Public Hospital Workers on Strike July 16, 24

hospitalPublic hospitals, welfare structures and the ambulance service will operate with a security staff on July 16 and July 24, after the decision of the PanHellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals (POEDIN) to declare strikes in response to the mobility of 2,500 workers of all specialties in the health system.

“This process leads to layoffs,” POEDIN said, noting that “The mergers, the closure of hospitals, the closure of 770 units, which are parts of the Greek National Health System, the new organizations, the possible repeal of entire professional fields, will be the tools for the implementation of this analgesic policy in the field of health.”

POEDIN characterized the suspension of healthcare staff infuriating, when 470 people were hired in hospitals to cover the great staff shortage due to the first wave of suspensions. “The policy of devaluation-degradation and dismantling of the health system is in full swing,” POEDIN said and announced the escalation of protests.

Healthcare workers have made it clear that a second 24-hour strike is likely to be declared, in the event the bill of the Finance Ministry will not be voted on Tuesday, but on Wednesday July 17.

Finally, a 24-hour strike has been planned for Wednesday July 24 with a protest rally at 11.30 a.m. at the Ministry of Health.


  1. Unfortunately, the situation is out of the hands of the politicians now…The government is unable to solve any problems…The issue is that more problems do occur by the government inability to find solutions…The government should seek help from professionals…

  2. Yes we can fire people at will and deprive them of their rights but we must make every effort to insure the poor banks don’t lose a cent in interest.