Greece Wants Germany To Pay For WWII

War DebtAs Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras continues to enjoy good relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country is footing much of the bill for two international bailouts of Greece but who has insisted on austerity measures in return, Greece is also preparing to press Germany for WWII reparations.

The new head of the Legal Council of the State, who is due to be appointed soon, will be told that getting blood money from the Germans is a priority, a Foreign Ministry official said. Greece was the scene of a number of massacres by the Nazis, including at villages such as Kalavyrta and Distomo and had much of its infrastructure destroyed and banks and art treasures looted during the war.

Responding to a question from an Independent Greeks MP, Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Kourkoulas said that the panel of experts already investigating the matter was working with the State’s Legal Council and that the process would speed up after the appointment of a new president.

“There is still an outstanding issue and we always reserve the right and ability to conclude the matter satisfactorily,” said Kourkoulas. “Greece never gave up its claims.”

Kourkoulas said that Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who took up the post in last month’s reshuffle, raised the matter of reparations at recent talks with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle, in Athens. Speaking to Kathimerini while in Greece, Westerwelle insisted that Germany did not have any outstanding obligations and dismissed Venizelos out of hand.

“We need to distinguish the historical and moral responsibility from legal obligations,” Westerwelle said. “These have been fully abided by on Germany’s part.”

Apart from compensation for damages suffered during the Nazi occupation, Greece is also investigating whether Germany is obliged to repay a loan the Bank of Greece was forced to provide to Berlin during the war.

Ironically, the two parties in Greece’s fragile coalition, the New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Venizelos’ PASOK Socialists, owe Greek banks 250 million euros ($326.708 million) in outstanding loans, aren’t paying them, and have yet to work on a measure to give indebted Greeks similar relief on their loans, mortgages and credit cards.


  1. Right. Our political parties owing money, much we all owe money vis-a-vis our “generous” government spending on ourselves, is analogous to the Nazis massacring Greeks. The stupidity of leftists never ceases to amaze.

  2. I want Greece to pay Australia reparations for all the doof-doof streetracers plaguing our streets at night.

  3. The banks should confiscate the properties of the Greek politicians just like they are doing to the poor.

  4. The euro project was a bad idea from the beginning. Germany never wanted to get rid of lhe German mark, but was forced to abandon it by France in exchange for the merger between East and West Germany after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

    This talk about repairment payments after almost 70 years is beyond comprehension. Who should follow? Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States, the whole Balkan area, the Benelux, France, England etc.

    The euro is a dead born child anyhow. Greece should leave the eurozone and pursue their own monetary destiny. Please, stop blaming others and move on. Readers familiar with the dutch language are advised to read the following article regarding the euro:

  5. Andy deBlogger, have you lost your little blogging mind? You are linking INVASION AND WAR DESTRUCTION OF NAZIS with current domestic politics? The WAR that my father lost partial vision and my family members died?

    No wonder your journalistic career achievement is no better then a two bit blogger.

  6. You are right but these ‘Greeks’people are consumed with hatred towards every body that is not ‘Greek’. Look what happen to Jewish community in Selanki/THesaloniki, disappeared…..

    Look what happened to Arvanitis like Aristidh Kola , that were poisoned for speaking out the truth towards destruction of arvaniti ethnic population in Greece.

    Not to mention the brutal force and destruction of Chameria starting from 1913 and culminating with a Genocide in 1944. Possession of houses and everything else killing babies in Paramithia just because they were from Albanian Muslim parents and all kind massacres…. The same happened in Filati, Gumentza,Margllici, etc
    Guess what, the names of most those towns are are changed………..
    In Cyprus Turkey was strong enough to intervene and save its people from GENOCIDE.
    Greece is rotting from its past SINS…..It can not be saved. The whole World now knows the Truth and no World Power will vouch for them….Slowly but surely the Greece experiment will and … much pain for those who strongly continue the wrong path of the baby killers forefathers.

    What happened to the civilian MACEDONIAN population?! Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide. People wake up from this Anatolian Beggar Armenian Orthodoxs. Their crimes will be held accountable soon……


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