Troika Wants Greece To Cut Priests’ Pay

iereis_533_355The Greek government is being squeezed by international lenders to slash the salaries of about 9,500 priests to meet demands from international lenders to keep reducing expenditures, which could lead to resistance from the Church and clerics. There is no separation of Church and State in Greece.

According to a report in the newspaper Parapolitika, representatives of the lenders revived the proposal that had been set in 2011 to the government of then premier George Papandreou, according to which the state should stop paying the salaries of priests or at best to share it with the Church.

The state puts up about 200 million euros ($216.36 million) to pay the salaries of the priests and there is confusion over whether the plan would reduce the state’s share, or could lead to the Church having to decide whether to pick up the costs or start firing priests the same way the government is going ahead with a proposal to dismiss as many as 27,500 public workers.


  1. *****200 million euros ($216.36 million) to pay the salaries****

    Separation of church and state seems to have missed Greece by two hundred yuears. The government has no business funding churches. If the people want to worship in them, then the people have to pay for those services and facilities.

  2. Parasite priests funded by German taxpayers! As we know “Grease” government bankrupted long ago…

  3. Greece is probably the only country in the world where priests are paid by the Government…..I mean by the poor Germans.

  4. Believe it or not, priests in Greece are very rich, some of them do drive Audi Quatro and new Mercedes Benzzzzzzzzzzzz…Priests also have many properties they rent out plus 10Euro or more for each prayer on people’s dead tombs…I myself have seen a monk getting out of an Audi Quatro next to the Ministry of Health sometime ago…He was wearing a shirt with gold kaflings and a Rolex watch…

  5. Actually, I think most European nations pay their clergy. In the US they don’t pay them directly, but churches are exempt from income tax under IRS Code if they declare themselves a religious institution. Not collecting taxes from one group is a round-about subsidy, or payment. Of course there are catches in both Greece and the US. In Greece, priests are not allowed by law to campaign for a specific party or candidate, and in the US declaring oneself a religious institution means no involvement in politics otherwise you lose that exemption.

    I believe in Greece they’ll continue to pay priests because if they don’t they’ll be free to advocate for one candidate or another. Ironically, it will be center left candidates who will advocate to continue to pay priests because most priests in Greece lean center to right.

  6. Priests in Greece must get paid very handsomely. I have asked several priests to do a tris agio for my dead parents and a couple were too busy.(I usually pay 20euros)
    One young priest in Voula even game me an anti-American tirade inside the church!!

  7. Pay attention to the fact four people modded up the Skopian.. False flaggers heavily trolling this website

  8. You would know all about being a parasite Skopian. You can’t even create you own identity and attempt to thieve the identity of your neighbours.

  9. Priests should not be receiving a single dime from the state. Like everyone else they should earn their money by producing something.

    However, we should not ridicule them. Our church was fundamental to saving our language and creating the Greek state,. Those that are militantly against it are typically anti-Greek.

  10. Or perhaps he gave an anti-American “tirade” because many Americans are anti-Greek these days?

    a. many of these pseudo “human rights” NGO that attempt to
    interfere in our sovereign affairs (e.g, framing illegals as
    “immigrants”) receive most of their funding from US sources.

    a. see George Bush bizarrely “recognizing” obvious slavs as “Macedonians”

  11. Notice all these so called orthodox priests living double lives at Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airport, sneakily changing back into their black robes etc as they prepare to re-enter Greece. What a scam. Cut them off. The Greek church hordes so have so much wealth its a sin.

  12. Orthodox Christianity is the backbone of the Greek family unit.
    Greece and the Greek people have a very strong family structure principally because of The Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings being imparted to them from childhood through to adult life, via their parents and the Church.
    €200 million per annum is a small price to pay to help maintain a strong, stable family oriented Christian Greece. Ofcourse the International Zionist Jewish loan sharks wish to eradicate Christianity in Greece, & weakening the Greek Orthodox Church is high on their agenda.
    Golden Dawn stands in their way, as an ardent defender of Orthodox Christendom.

  13. Really? What are you? Some superhuman private detective or the head of some sprawling intelligence agency that monitors the activities of 9500 priests?
    The fact that you are making a sweeping generalisation about the personal lives of 9500 priests, exposes you as an irrational, hate filled, Anti-Christian bigot.

  14. Christianity has nothing to do with Hellenism. Ancient Greeks believed in Zeus not Jesus. The only usefulness our church holds is it that at least in the modern era least stand up for Greeks (unlike our treasonous communists who care more about illegals than Greeks)

  15. Utter racist crap. Orthodox vs. Catholic vs.Protestant. That argument is as stupid as Shia v. Sunni. My god is better then your god, my version is true and you are hellbound, etc. Who cares? God doesn’t. It’s all manmade arguments in pursuit of power and control of others’ minds. And, as the church well knows, many of the Golden Dawn are anti-church, and, in fact, believe in the ancient Greek religion. I personally know many like that. Also, in case you might not have noticed, the country is broke. There is absolutely no justification for the public to pay €200 million a year though their taxes to support a mere 9500 non-civil servants when teachers and military are losing their jobs, gravely jeapordizing education and national defense (remember the neighbors, Turkey, Albania, and FYROM? They all want a piece of Greece).

  16. I agree. Church and state shouldn’t be linked, lest the state think it is somehow over the Church rather than the other way around, which is how it really is. This way the Church can also avoid becoming a corrupt secular cultural Marxist wasteland like everywhere in the secular realm.

  17. You are right that we should not fund the church through the state but are wrong to brush aside all his observations.

    Some of the organizations attacking Greeks these days are indeed funded by anti-Greek Jews. Unfortunately some of our leftists seem to be too cowardly to criticize Jews when they behave in anti-hellenic fashion.

    For instance, Soros Open Foundation society that has been funded the Skopians and illegal immigration into Greece for years.. while simultaneously arguing for explicit Jewish state in Israel Such nationalist manipulators just frame their politics as “human rights” and mix in minority issues as a method to trick the soft minded into supporting them (not to mention manipulate the horrors of the holocaust to tar anyone that points this logically contradictory position as “antisemetic”)

    Also its not exactly a secret Jews are very influential in western media. Where are all news articles in Jewish run press condemning the Skopian’s falsification of history and blatantly obvious transformation into ancient Macedonians? 20 years now and now once has a Jewish editor of the New York Times written about the “minor” point that now only did the US government itself claimed there is no such ethnic group as “Macedonians”?.. but supplied the weapons to fight the communists fighting Yugoslav propagandists spreading this exact “Macedonian” gibberish? 20 years now and no mention that what they frame as “Macedonians” are mostly direct descendents of ethnic Bulgarians (which is very obvious)

    That said, not all Jews are anti-Greek and its not like only some Jews are anti-greek. Our former friends and allies in the UK also collude with the Skopians these days too GD are wrong to focus on Jews because it only gives fuel to the Greek haters that they are fascist. (mostly misguided patriots IMO). Any cause they support (including righteous ones like Skopian issue) will be framed as fascism.

  18. Why not we send every Greek Orthodox priest or gourounia to a prison and send all Golden Dawn members to jails and make them starve!

  19. Arguing to starve thousands of priests to death? Sure sounds like your motivation is “human rights”.

  20. Hey moron. You just wrote and I quote:
    “Utter racist crap. Orthodox vs. Catholic vs. Protestant”
    FIRST, How can religion be racist? Religion is not Race.
    SECOND, Where in my comment did I mention anything about one religion vs another religion?
    THIRD, 97% of Greek Citizens are baptised members of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, there are hardly any Catholics or Protestants in Greece.

  21. Christianity was not forced on the Greeks by the Latins.
    The Lord Jesus Christ’s Apostles first spread the word of Christ in Pagan Greece, & ultimately Greek Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Greek Byzantine Empire (also known as the Eastern Roman Empire – with it’s capital city Constantinople) after winning a major battle against the Pagan Western Roman Empire, with it’s capital city being Rome.

  22. Not true. Do not confuse the Christians of today with Christians of that era. Early Latin Christians had extremely oppressive laws (see Justinian code). That forcably banned the ancient Greek religioin. They closed the academy in Athens They ended the ancient Olympic games. They destroyed ancient greek works. Even the name Hellene was shunned as a pagan name. They were essentially the christian version of the Taliban. Had it not been for the Latins forcing Christianity on all of Europe (a religion foreign to Greece), we would likely still be praying to Zeus today.

  23. Or let’s put Greeks in internment camps like they did to the Japanese during WW2!

  24. Your claim you are a “secular capiltists” is not very believable.

    You sound more like a a racist Greek hating genocide pig that pretend not to notice the former Yuogslavians irredententism and sudden transformation into ancient Macedonians.

  25. There are 17 million Greeks maybe 16 million because 1 million Greeks got tired being part of the orthodox theocratic empire and their schemes verses 66-77 Turks, Americans, Jews so Greece will get destroyed quickly so I would watch what you’re saying!

  26. You’re not religious! Funny! Thus you defend the church. I am an atheist and a libertarian and let me tell you you’re more religious than any other person writing on these forums!

  27. 97% of Greeks Citizens in Greece are baptized but when the kids become more older they become more rebelious against religion. Maybe I would say right about 72% of people are true believers of the church.

  28. Thermonuclear weapons are the great equalizer. Keep threatening our soverign country and we will make it our mission to acquire the technology.

  29. You are a racist moron that has no clue what you are talking about. I believe in no religion. However our church is part of our culture and reserved for Greeks. Much like secular Jews leave room for their rabis, I leave room for both Greek priests as well as Greeks that believe in the old Greek gods.

  30. I agree that people who believe in Orthodoxy have the right to follow it but there should be separation of church and state. In India many of there people are Hindu but have separation of church and state. Unfortunately, Mr. Karamanlis(the old one) never thought about common sense when it came down to that subject. Thanks to him your whole country got f… up. That’s why you shouldn’t have voted for both of the corrupt parties of PASOK and New Democracy of Papandreou and Karamanlis.

  31. You don’t give a damn about human rights or seperation of church in state. You are just looking to trash talk Greeks. You hate Pasok and ND and any other Greek party that won’t recognize you Skopian trolls.

  32. I am not Anti-Hellenic and I really love Greece but I just want things to change in Greece. I am frustrated with the whole system (politicians, corruption in state and church) and would like to see a new path emerge for Greece.

  33. And how do you demonstrate you “love Greece”? By telling us to murder priests and supporting interment camps of Greeks?

    If you want to support Greece support Greece. Don’t attack us.


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