Immigrants Still Targets In Greece

Omar Diallo
Omar Diallo

As the Greek government has set aside a bill to increase penalties for racist attacks, the number of assaults against immigrants is continuing unabated, people who said they were victims told Agence-France-Presse, including Omar Diallo, who said a beating on an Athens street left him with stitches in his head.

Diallo said he had to vlee Guinea because of violence there but said he was shocked at the level of animosity in Greece toward immigrants.

He said in the Athens neighborhood where he lives – an area full of empty, graffiti-covered shops with “for rent” and “for sale” signs on the windows – it has become increasingly dangerous to be a dark-skinned foreigner.  “There are zones where we no longer have the right to go, or where we can only go in groups,” he said.

He said he was alone when attacked, the modus operandi of groups who attack immigrants, including accusations they include members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which its officials have denied. The party has 18 seats in Parliament.

“Four people got hold of me on the street, one of them hit me with some object on the head. I fell down and they hit me. When they finished, they left,” he said.

Diallo fled his West African home after a September 2009 stadium massacre during an opposition rally. His father was among the 157 killed, while he was thrown in jail.  After being released he decided to leave his country where he said he feared for his life.

But just a few years after coming to Athens in search of a better future, he found himself lying in the street, blood dripping from his head, until police officers found him and took him to the hospital, he said.  The problem is getting worse, others said.

“I saw a young Pakistani being beaten right in front of me, by two giants, who ran through the whole bus to get to him and then kicked him violently out on the street. I did not interfere because I was scared,” a mortified retired Frenchman, who has been living in Athens for a year, told AFP.

A watchdog group recording racial violence counted 154 victims in 2012, some 107 of whom were assaulted in Athens. In at least eight cases, victims or witnesses said they recognised people associated with neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Diallo said the attackers have been embolded because the government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who is also anti-immigrant, has done little to stop them.

According to the report on racial violence, only 24 of the victims made a formal complaint to the police in 2012.  “In my understanding, they (perpetrators) try not to kill, but to make visible injuries, so as to spread the fear to the communities,” Doctor Nikitas Kanakis, Secretary General of the Greek branch of the non-governmental group Doctors of the World told AFP.

“Almost every day in various parts of the country, particularly in Athens, racist attacks occur,” said Giorgos Tsabropoulos, head of the UNHCR’s Athens office.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said that  a special police unit had been created to deal with racist crimes and “that the people who act unlawfully should end up in prison.”

He said, however, that there is no need for new laws against racism because  the rise of Golden Dawn and its xenophobic and racist doctrine was linked to a surge in undocumented migrants arriving in Greece, which he said “are a huge burden to our society”.




  1. “There are zones where we no longer have the right to go, or where we can only go in groups” he (Omar Diallo)said.
    This illegal Guinean immigrant “Omar Diallo” needs to get it through his head that he entered Greece ILLEGALY, & thus ALL of Greece is a zone which he doesn’t have the right to set foot in!

  2. ILLEGALS that violate our sovereign borders by the millions are not “immigrants”. FULL STOP.

    This manipulative word play “immigrants’ and “undocumented migrants” is by treasonous leftists and anti-Greek foreign funded NGOs and media.

    That said, illegals should not be attacked by street vigiliaties They should unapologetic ally be deported by the government.

    Any leftist that slanders our government as “racist” and.or “Fascist” every time it tries to take control of our borders should be called as treasonous fanatics. They are more concerned with parroting anti-Greek foreign NGOs than protecting our homeland from illegal invasion. (I would note the “human rights’ NGO’s they parrot also frame the Skopians as “Macedonians” while pretending not to notice their little transformatio and government sponsered threats against our country) ,

  3. GD does not have the votes to govern Greece. All GD is achieving is splitting the vote on the right (effectively enabled the far leftist fanatics that support treasonous communist Syriza)

  4. Samaras is a traitor and so are you Alex.
    I’ve had enough of hearing you make excuses for him and NEA Pasokratia.
    Sooner or later your traitor hero and his fat deputy is going down Alex.

  5. Samaras is a patriot. You are the traitor (assuming you are even Greek) for attacking Greek patriots while staying silent about treasonous leftist extremists like Syriza (even on this website where I am one of the few that speaks out against them.

    You effectively support the second place anti-Hellenic communists. Utterly irrational,

  6. Syriza are a bunch of anarchistic communist scum but that doesn’t excuse the traitor Samaras putting Fofi Genimata in the defence ministry, can you imagine our men in the armed forces having to salute that corrupt leftist cow On October 28. The next coalition of the middle ground will be Nea Pasokratia and Syriza to combat GD And you will still support them because you are a traitor.
    The fact that you compare me to communists wanting handouts proves how delusional and far removed from reality. You are just like the traitors that support Syriza & KKE, but don’t worry after the next election you will all be together as one to fight GD(the true patriots)

  7. Samaras is a patriot He has no choice. Unfortunately some of the right decided to support GD. . This forced him to form a coaltion government with the leftists. (which gives the antiHellenic communist degenerates a chance to win an election)

    If you don’t want it, stop dividing vote on the right.

  8. Where’s your proof racist attacks on illegals?
    Where’s your evidence of GD being anti business?
    When did GD ask for a handout?
    Why are Slavs still calling themselves Macedonia?
    Keep up your ridiculous ranting Alex you sound just like a Syriza traitor. All you can do is bring up Hitler and violence crap and lies to criticize GD….. Might as well call you Andy Dabilis.
    You traitors are all alike.

  9. In the US they longer call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants–they’re now known as “undocumented.” There are also a few proposals on the table to change the term burglar to “uninvited guest.”

  10. If they don’t like being attacked they should leave and go somewhere where they will not be attacked. Plain and simple!

  11. a. attacks against illegals by some GD supporters are well documented.

    b. Virtual every GD supporter I’ve talked to goes on and on about the banks and capitalism.

    c GD’s economic policies are the same as the socialists. Big taxes. Big government.

    d. As for the Slavs, I agree there should be no “Macedonia”

    e, I do not consider GD Nazis. (although there are probably a few mixed in givern the leader admires hitler)

    f. You are the traitor for slandering patriots like Samaras. I am the one that spends my time here criticizing illegals,k Skopians and communists while you are nowhere to be found. Instead you spend your energy criticizing me. Logic is not very high on your agenda.

  12. Lol. Correction: Burglar equals “undocumented guest”.

    I can’t believe how many leftist morons fall for this Orwillian word play.

  13. ” We will forestall thought with labels and slogans”

    VI Lenin

    Most ground troops, so called leftist and writers on this site probably never heard this Lenin quote but at least a few of their professors in their school days had, and even though they may not be aware they are using Lenin’s tactics, they use them a lot. And there comes a time for a few when they realize they are neo-Rothschild propagandists. Emphasis on few.

    I don’t know much about Soviet economy theory, but in our time and place I’m 100% certain there is no class at the Harvard Business School that promotes the idea that one should start an enterprise by avoiding paying interest to the nameless and faceless money lenders. What would be the point?

    Back to human rights. Great slogan!

  14. Hey Greek from the land of Oz, why don’t you ask Andy who is profiting from the interest payments from Greece. Let’s see some names and faces of the people who bought bonds and got a 30% plus return knowing full well those bond would be backed by the EU and there would be no way to lose. Sometimes what’s missing from the picture says a lot.

  15. Still no evidence
    Name one of the well documented attacks.
    Samaras and Nea Pasokratia have the reigns of power he installed the fat pig Venizelos as his deputy! He committed the disgraceful act of giving the leftist cow Genimata a position in the defense ministry.
    He is the traitor that brought down Mitsotakis and split the right vote with his Siemens funded Political Spring party.
    He is a traitor and so are you.
    What are you going to say when ND forms a coalition with Syriza?
    You’re going to say he was forced to,
    His hands were tied,
    He had no choice, blah blah blah

  16. Selfrighteous nonsense.You sound like the communist Syriza supporters that whine about Pasok but then neglect to mention they used to vote for it. The fact is most of GD’s supporters are former ND voters.

    Samaras is a patriot. The traitors are those that slander him.

  17. Samaras has no choice but to form a coaltion government with Pasok because GD has split the vote on the right (giving the communists a chance to win).

    By voting for GD, what you are effectively doing is helping communists win an election who will then proceed not only to make GD illegal but treasonous recognzie Skopians threatening our country, give citizenship to millions of illegals, and use state education system to attempt to delete our very identity.

  18. Revisionist history. Samaras split from ND because because he disagreed with Mitsotakis on calling FYROM Macedonia using composite name.

  19. Just like all the communist traitors that always resort to the Hitler Nazi tactic….I guess you’re preparing for your coalition with Syriza you traitor traitor traitor traitor traitor

  20. I would note you evade all my points. What’s with the black shirts, skin heads, and Nazi-like paraphernalia GD leadership uses? What exactly does that have to with Hellenism? Do you deny your great leader admires and praised Hitler…. the same Hitler that massacred Greeks? These are fair questions.

    You slander anyone that doesn’t support your party as a “traitor”. You are behaving just like the moronic communist and Skopians that senselessly attack or call for violence against Greek patriots. That is real treason.

  21. Having reading comprehension problems ogre? I already said I don’t consider most of GD “Nazis”. However this doesn’t mean their aren’t some members with GD that are fascist sympathizers (including its leader).

    My concern is for the GD supporters that our patriots fed up with illegals and Skopian issues not the ones that raise hands in salute to Hitler.