World Pan-Macedonian Conference in Florina

66d3416bf282ddd7e8e50b360fccf1f3Macedonians around the world continue to struggle for the rights of Macedonia, as stated in the Resolution of the 11th World Conference of Pan Macedonian Unions, which was completed on July 15 in Florina.

They also express their strong disagreement with the promotion of the composite name and say they will never accept for Skopje “any name that includes the term Macedonia and its derivatives.”

They ask for a referendum before any agreement is signed with the neighboring country.

Macedonians around the world who participated in the 11th World Conference seek to establish September 29 as a national day of remembrance for the victims of the Bulgarian occupation (1916-1918) in eastern Macedonia.

They also note that the Kalash in Pakistan, are descendants of the troops of Alexander the Great and express their support in their effort to maintain their national identity and values.

The conference was attended by Macedonians from the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa, vice governor of Florina, Demetris Eliades, and mayor, John Voskopoulos.

The closing of the conference is followed by a Macedonian feast, and dance clubs from Greece and abroad.


  1. Macedonians have once against been betrayed by the proud “anit-nationalist” communists. (also see Greek civil war where communist thugs massacred Greeks while trying to help ultra nationalist IMRO annex Macedonia and turn us into a communist dictatorshIp)

    Communist Syriza MP treasonously lobbying for Skopians.

  2. Pan-Macedonian eh? So if the Kalash in Pakistan can be claimed as Macedonian what about the descendants living in Vardar? Why can’t they make the same claim? I presume language isn’t a factor, unless of course those Pakistanis are speaking the language of Alexander and Philip..

  3. Hey its the guy who uses my handle. I actually agree with you in this instance.

    Claiming the Kalash as “macedonians” is as absurd as calling the Skopians Macedonians. Some of our leftist’s conceptualization of Hellenism appears to be anything but Greek.

    Rather than focus on the obvious things like ideas, language and culture they engage in crackpot racial theories like the former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians of FYROM. (ironically much like the Nazis they claim to be against)

  4. Modern Greece is a mixture of different people.You have absolutely no blood line with the City States of ancient times.Majority of modern Greece are Albanians.The Kalash and Unzu people are ancient Macedonians,NOT Greeks.Of course,you deserve the highest honor and a medal for being the best fabricators of history.Even in the 20th century you have fooled NATO and EU to join their club.This was recognized even in 1783 by one of the founding fathers of USA John Adams where he said”The project of setting at liberty the whole country of ancient Greece,Macedonia and Illiricum,and erecting independent Republics in those famous seats.The Greeks of this day,although they are said to have imaginatio and ingenuity,are corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be a faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage,as well as of those principles of honor and virtue,without which nations can have no confidence in one another,nor be trusted by others.”Well,in the 21st century you accomplished same by joining the eurozone.Remember what your best supporter Sarkozy said”Had I known,Greece would have not been in the eurozone”.This was when Greece started to beg the eurozone for handouts due to corrupted government as always!

  5. OH yes an expert. Tell me oh wise one where do the Pontians stand in all this?
    While you’re thinking anout it, kindly go copulate yourself.

  6. ibid,Pontians are foreigners in the Aegean Macedonia.They are Turks with Christian Orthodox believes who came to our areas during population exchange in 1926 on the basis of religion.Majority of Greece are Albanians who have adapted same religion as did Papulias,Pangalos and others.Here is one pathetic issue you don’t understand at all,Karamanlis declared himself as Macedonian,the other is,Droutsas former F.Minister of Greece saying”I am born Macedonian and will die Macedonian”.The funny thing is,he is not even a Greek.His father a Cypriot and mother Austrian.They can declare macedonianism but the indigenous Macedonians cannot declare themselves Macedonians who lived in this area for centuries before even Greeks set foot in Aegean Macedonia.Well,the Greek fabricated history is dying off,because no one believes you as did the German deputy-minister gave a lecture to Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni,who showed a Greek map with the constitutional name and the abbreviation MK.
    “Foreign diplomats have been increasingly frustrated with Greek attempts to fabricate facts,come up with some sort of new history by ammending maps of dozens of its history books who in the past showed their neighbor as Macedonia.All of it is for”reprogramming”purposes of the young local population”
    In 1783,John Adams was right in characterizing Greece as he did,read my previous comment.

  7. Pontians are Turks eh? You really want to piss me off badly? You show your complete ignorance. They are descendants from ancient Athenian colonists. Their dialect is remarkably close to Ancient Greek.

    You are an total di*khead and mounopano. Definitely a skopian troll. Like I said before, go copulate yourself.

    Hey Alex, where are you when I need you? Go after this turd

  8. Hondrokefale,diavase afto pou ego egrapsa.O Droutsas den oinai Ellinas,kai o Karamanlis oinai Turkos san kai saina.If you don’t know who they are it is not my problem,it only shows how much you know.It looks like you are crying for help from others.Your Albanian president maybe can help you LOL.Hey,your vulgar language I can also use,stick to history,but if you repeat same language I will use it in your own language.Oi glossa pou hrisimopois dain oinai apo anthropos pou aihoi spoudapsoi.Lets have a conversation,not repeating PM Rallis interview in 1903 to the New York Times using insolent language against the Macedonian revolutionaries,and in support of the Ottomans.Then again,it is very hard to defend fabricated history.

  9. Otan milas me zoa, san zoon tha prepei na miliseis. Den gamiese apo edo esi kai i gomena soi i Repousi. Makari na itan mia diktatoria stin Ellada kai mazeve prodotes san kai esena kai sas espane ta kefalia.

    An ime ego Tourkos, ti skata ise esei?
    Vre ilithio plasma, I pragmatikoi tourkoi ine Mongolo ratsa. Aftoi pou den miazoun etsi ine Ellines. Gamisou esi kai i psefto epistimi sou.


  10. ibid,eisai gamoimaino kormoi aisoi.I am proud Macedonian,my ethnicity,culture and language is Macedonian.Malista,ksairo toin istoria sou,kai ksairo toin istoria mou,ohoi san aisaina pou dain ksairois apo pou proairhaisai.I met one like you before who claimed 100%greekness,but after an argument,he came out from the closet and wrote me back”my father is Albanian and my mother a Greek.Is this what makes you 100%Greek as well?

    Was Droutsas a Macedonian or Karamanlis?Karamanlis grandmother was Macedonian who spoke not one word of Greek.Droutsas father a Cypriot and his mother an Austrian(moulato?)What makes you a Greek is strictly the religion,there is no “Greek”ethnicity,you have no lineage to the ancient Hellens.Macedonia was not poleis as was Athens,Thebes ancient times.What can I say,I deal with someone who knows nothing about his own history.I can’t help you with your nightmares about Macedonia being 1/3rd free as it should have been in 1913.Read what Vassilis Dendramis,high ranking Greek representing Greece in 1925 at the League of Nations on the Macedonian question,the arguments he had with the Serbs and Bulgars on the Abecedar book that was printed in Athens for the Macedonian school children, maybe then you might,I stress,you might understand the difference between you and me!

  11. I knew it, a Skopian troll.
    Tis manas sou to mouni mal*ka. To ksereis afto?

    You a slav troll, get it through your head. You are not Hellene! Your blockeaded breed moved to Vardsakar nearly 1000 years later. All artefacts are Hellenic. Even Phillip’s kingdom is presently totally enclosed in Greece. The ancient capital Pella is near Edessa. Your so called ‘Macedonian language’ is nothing more than a dialect of Bulgarian. That’s funny I don’t remember any artefacts in Cyrillic. I don’t recall any ancient macedonians called Dragan or Slobodan. Even your pathethic name Peter is Greek for ‘rock’. You frothing at the mouth about a few vlakes in the past doesnt change the truth.
    Tha skaseis apo tin zilia sou.

    Go on believing your fairytales about Macedonian greatness. That’s all they are.

  12. Have any of you, and that includes my Macedonian brothers, Greeks and Grkomani, bothered to do any of the math behind ancestry?

    Can anybody comprehend the number of ancestors they had going back just 500 years (20 generations)? Everybody has two biological parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Going back that far, which isn’t really that far, gives everybody a theoretical number of 1,048,576 ancestors (2 to the 20th power). Going back to antiquity (95-ish generations)? The number is incomprehensible (3.9614081e+28).

    Then throw in the Italian, Albanian, Russian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Roman, Turkish, Vlach, Celtic and Arabic blood almost everybody around there has in varying degrees … and what do you have? Not so easily defined.

    So, it’s time to live and let live. My people are Macedonians and nothing you’re going to do is going to change that. Your people are Greeks or loyal to Greece. Fine. Agree to disagree. Grow up and improve everybody’s standards of living and quit fighting these stupid battles only Golden Dawn fascists and 80-year old geezers (who are ready to die anyway) care about.

    Money is the currency of the 21st century – not fantasies of past glory.

  13. As I said… there are Skopians trolling this website. (most of them pretending to be Greeks or some other nationality)

  14. You the one with fanatisies. You bizarrely oppress your own Bulgarian heritage and pretend to be Macedonians.

  15. People in all countries have mixed with people in other countries. This does not give you former self-identifying ethnic Buglarian the right to steal someone else;s history and identity.

  16. Your people are essentially Bulgarians. Unfortunately you prefer to spread state propaganda that you are Macedonians and sadly oppress your own ethnic Bulgarian heritage.

  17. You’re nothing but second rate Bulgarians millions of miles away from the ancient Macedonians who were Hellenes. You can call yourself anything you like, nothing will change that!

  18. LMAO! Did you forget how King Otto was mortified to find Athens populated by Albanians when he was first installed? What about all the “Slavs” who live in your country? What about Vlachs, Arvanites and the rest?

    This is your 100% pathway to antiquity? LOL

    And all 3.9614081e+28 of your ancestors were pure greeks? LMAO.

    Grow up.