The EU’s Re-Colonization of Cyprus Under Way

noPeeling an onion often brings tears to one’s eyes but not as much as peeling the layers of bitter truth about the hidden agenda of the EU. Cyprus’s membership of this undemocratic institution is not only proving to be questionable but also catastrophic.

Across the Eurozone, millions of citizens are now questioning the entire EU experiment; they are incensed and disillusioned by what is happening to their lives.

Yet the commissioners and high-ranking bureaucrats engulfed in opulence and separated from the real citizens of Europe, continue to live in a world of grand delusions while people are out in the street protesting and calling for employment, jobs they have lost due to a new world economic order and bad EU policies. Entrapped, they question everything: What has gone so badly wrong in the land of plenty and why? Where is the promised prosperity and equality for all?

Britain had the courage to officially admit that the EU experiment is not serving people as it was meant to be. The Cameron government has decided to take Britain out of the EU altogether and protect the nation from further EU deterioration. Exit from the EU will be decided by a referendum.

It is encouraging to note that the British people will determine their own future and not the politicians or the Parliament. Obviously the British government knows something that our own politicians don’t. The final outcome will probably trigger a domino effect with other countries following suit. That is precisely what worries the EU establishment: the fragmentation of the sacred cow.

What the EU-Troika did to Cyprus (with the overwhelming consent of the newly elected government) was certainly criminal. Under the constitution no government has the legitimacy to expropriate a citizen’s property without compensation; a bank account in all intended purposes is a privately owned property. Yet, in subservience to Troika’s demands, a devout Europhile government did the unthinkable and broke the Law of the Land and its own constitution. Yet, the people remained passive.

Like a thief in the night, the government froze and confiscated the property of its own citizens without their consent. This thievery has caused the worse economic pandemonium in the history of Cyprus and continues with no signs of abating. This is not the end but only the beginning…

The repercussions of that shameful illegal act has at least forced people to wise up and finally begun to question Cyprus’ relationship with the EU experiment. Recognizing the betrayal played against Cyprus, the largest political party on the island (AKEL) is now calling for an exit from the EU institution and this movement is growing by the day.

The Troika is not to be blamed for Cyprus’s woes. These groups of bankers are motivated to lend out money at their own terms and make profits at any cost. That’s what bankers do. However, Cypriot banks have behaved immorally and in a worse manner than the Troika did. Motivated by an insatiable greed they robbed people’s trust and gave Cyprus a bad reputation internationally. They destroyed the economy of Cyprus and they should be locked behind bars.

The economic problems in Cyprus are self-inflicted brought about by incompetence, endemic corruption, greed and a bad self-serving system that thrived at the cost of social consciousness. Equally, the general public shut their eyes and kept silent because the prevailing corrupt system served them and their families well without a thought for the country.

The promised EU “prosperity for all” within the bosom of one “happy family” was never real but a pie in the sky and to get a slice there was a heavy price to pay. Nothing is for nothing. People ignored that prospect and did not want to know. When the Eurogroup’s economic tsunami crashed upon them without warning, it shook the nation down to its foundations. The nation was more than prepared to abandon its national heritage in order to become “good Europeans” – whatever that means.

As each layer of deception unfolds, it becomes apparent that the EU was never honest with Cyprus. The island today has been targeted as the perfect template for an economic colonization. The process for control over its gas prospects has already begun. Under the present economic dilemma Cyprus is trapped and nothing can stop the Eurogroup’s domination over the island unless Cyprus pulls out of the EU!

Economists and other experts maintain that a well-organized Euro exit will be a prudent move to safeguard the economy, the people and the reign of power. It is estimated that Cyprus will require more than a 40 billion euros bailout from EU-Troika and if that’s the case, it will certainly place the country in a straightjacket for years to come.

The sooner Cyprus abandons EU suffocation, the sooner the wounds will start to heal before the nation is bled to death. It will then begin to redeem its dignity, social stability and the ability to seek financial assistance outside EU-Troika’s constraints. Why the government did not do so remains a mystery to all. Instead, it insists adamantly on a Troika bailout solution and no other.

There is a valid perception the EU intent to destroy free nations and create an empire. From its initial concept of a single Common Market (overwhelmingly approved by the European citizens) it changed to European Economic Community (without public consent) then to European Community and finally to the European Union.

Helmut Kohl, a former German Chancellor once stated: “We will make the process of European integration irreversible. This is really a big battle but is worth the fight.” The pattern of subjugation is now obvious.

This empire will not be based on freely given assent and allegiance to a set of democratic political institutions. The people will be at the mercy of the bureaucratic elite, bankers and multinationals who will run Europe as they see fit with no democratic accountability.

Cyprus has now become a perfect test case of things to come. This is the result of a new world order instigated by the Eurogroup and its Troika economic assassins. It may sound like a conspiracy theory but when faceless and unaccountable bankers are given control over national policies as a precondition for loans, there can be no other logical explanation. Little Cyprus set a precedent.

There are those that obstinately persist that Cyprus’s place is inside the EU in order to remain a trading partner but that’s not true.The people of Norway and Switzerland have decided on a referendum to remain outside the EU and both have benefited from the free market. They are now prosperous because they resisted further EU integration.

Referenda may not been part of the Cyprus political system but this perception has to change along with the constitution so the country can re-start to function democratically and with transparency. In essence, a referendum is the only way to maintain “checks and balances” of government policies. It is a “people’s veto” to ensure the government complies with people’s wishes.

In the words of Britain’s foremost constitutional authority, AV Dicey: “The main use of the referendum is to prevent the passing of any important act which does not command the sanction of the electorate. The referendum supplies the best, if not the only possible check upon ill-considered alterations in the fundamental institutions of the country”.

This statement says it all. Yet, the government of Cyprus, not only did it not consider people’s opinion, but also went and signed away their liberty to a group of economic bandits. One now wonders what this government will do next with the Cyprus situation – will it sign another “fait-accompli” deal behind people’s back?

In essence, this Eurogroup has now become the new masters of Cyprus. They will continue to dictate national policies for years to come except if they are ousted before their domination infiltrates all sectors of society.

Unless a Referendum Act is passed through parliament ensuring the people’s inherited right is sacrosanct to decide on fundamental constitutional changes, Cyprus will continue to remain a nation without a future governed by EU-Troika and a homegrown petty politicocracy.

This is the right time to rethink the entire Cyprus/EU relationship because Aphrodite is not only furious, but also very angry for what has been done to scar her beautiful image and who knows what she will do next?