Golden Dawn MP’s Threaten SYRIZA Deputies

    Golden DawnIn yet another verbal clash between the extreme left and right wings of the Greek political system, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn yelled obscenities in the Parliament at MP’s from the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) over the far-right party’s plans to hold a festival in Kalamata on Aug. 3-4.

    The incident took place after SYRIZA MP Thanasis Petrakos claimed that Golden Dawn deputies were using the party’s parliamentary office to telephone and intimidate anti-fascist campaigners in Kalamata who want to prevent the festival from taking place.

    Golden Dawn MP Dimitris Koukoutsis accused SYRIZA of being “hooded murderers” that “burn Athens.” He then made reference to the battles at Mount Vitsi and Mount Grammos in 1949 that led to national forces overcoming Communist resistance and bringing the Civil War to an end.

    “At Vitsi and Grammos, we buried you in the sand,” Koukoutsis told SYRIZA MPs. The Golden Dawn deputies then left the debating chamber, walking past the SYRIZA benches and swearing at the leftist lawmakers. They also offered to fight the SYRIZA deputies outside.

    Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou labeled the incident as “unacceptable and condemnable.” Golden Dawn repeatedly disrupts proceedings in the Parliament, a body it says is contemptible while it has seats in it.


    1. How pathetic and low have values and the standards of politics and that of somehow elected representatives in Greece today.
      We are all getting sick of your same old blaming, complaints and peasant minded failure to evolve and get over your past. Keep repeating it then.
      Start a civil war. You’re almost there. Who really cares.
      If you Greeks think this is the best you can do, are not going to make any effort at all to grow up, and believe GD are the future, then the rest of the world should stop funding you and simply let you go.
      Think about it….We all can take their holidays and get better value elsewhere.

    2. All that and don’t forget, keep funding german banks at the expense of the german tax paypers and blaming it on backed up greeks

    3. What a stupid thing to say. Greece future can only be solved by Greeks, not by putting yourself at the mercy of predatory money lenders.

      I wish we had a GD here in America, to free this great country from rule of zion.

    4. The thing to do is to not give a euro cent of aid to Greece until GD is banned and its leaders and activists are deported along with illegal immigrants to Pakistan and Afganistan.

    5. I’m shocked even more than Capt. Renault when he found out there was gambling going on.

    6. SYRIZA is not a extreme left party. It is more of an moderate radical left party. I believe SYRIZA is the only party in Greece that cares for Greece. SYRIZA has some moderate marxist political ideas. Speaking of which SYRIZA or back then it was called Synaspismos was a split from the KKE split because of the failed extreme left hardline political position of the KKE but there was many from PASOK because of their failed social democracy. Look I personally believe it would be better if SYRIZA won election because there would still be democracy unlike Golden Dawn who wants a nazi type regime. More of the youth believe in SYRIZA but it is the 40-50-60+ year old people who believe in GD because they think it is only Greece’s hope but let me tell you that if people voted for GD it would be a big mistake because a fourth reich would emerge. If Golden Dawn wins then it is game over and the worst will come.

    7. The recent poll that came out shows that golden dawn has actually fared the better among youth in the 18 to 45 age bracket and the trend clearly shows that many youth can see the left wing for what it is its real face uncovered and are turning at an alarming rate from syriza to golden dawn These polls were conducted recently by Mr Samaras and revealed the golden dawn has come of age. The left and conservative right have put themselves in a quagmire with their lies to the GREEKS. As for foreigners who intervene in GREEK politics and say the will spend their money elsewhere good that is your right. Golden Dawn will develop GREECE in an industrial way and GREECE will develop its rich resources in time and produce sustainable jobs for greeks. Besides we have many nationalists who love idigineous GREEK culture all around the world who will visit GREECE and SERBIANS and our ORTHODOX Russian brothers will come for their holidays and any other people who are not nasty but want to enjoy GREEK culture. LONG LIVE GREECE ZHTO ELLAS


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