Greek Parliament Ratifies Bill to Establish New Public Broadcaster (NERIT)

neritGreek parliament ratified on Friday a bill on the establishment of a new public television and radio broadcaster to replace former broadcasting agency ERT.
The move came a month after the withdrawal of a junior party from the coalition government over the ERT’s sudden closure in early June.
With the support of the two parties which remained in the ruling coalition, the conservative New Democracy and the socialist PASOK, the bill passed with 155 votes in favor in the 300-member assembly.
The New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT) is expected to go on air in autumn on reduced budget and personnel under the plan.
NERIT plans to recruit 2,000 people July 22 on two-month contracts to staff a transitional state broadcaster, Pantelis Kapsis, deputy minister responsible for establishing the new service, told lawmakers before the vote. The contracts will be renewed until the permanent broadcaster is established, he said.
Meanwhile, an interim organization set up by the government broadcasts films and documentaries over the past two weeks, while the 2,600 sacked employees of ERT continue their own broadcasts via the internet from the company’s headquarters which are occupied since June 11.
In protest of the NERIT bill, press unions called a 24-hour strike on Friday for journalists working in private television stations, while ERT employees said that they are determined to continue their mobilizations and refuse to vacate the former broadcaster’s premises.
(source: Xinhua)


  1. Unprincipled waste of money to try and keep the blackmailing far leftist fanatics from going on yet another lawless rampage. Terrorism and unpatriotic greed at the expense of their country is framed as “democracy” and “human rights” (see “Democratic” Republic of North Korea)

  2. What’s to say this NERIT is going to be any different? Nothing. Smoke and mirrors. Just the illusion of being seen to be doing something.

  3. We all know, that the left thieves from Pasok and the left crazy unions went from Pasok to Syriza…They are the same People who occupied the public sector in Greece and steal all the money without to give Greece anything.