Merkel Piles On: No Greek Relief

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's response to Greece's request not to pay its debts
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s response to Greece’s request not to pay its debts

Just in case the Greek government didn’t get the message delivered in person by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble during an 11-hour visit to Athens that there would be no imposing losses on the country’s lenders – Germany being the biggest – Chancellor Angela Merkel brought the hammer down again warning Greece not to even think of another debt write-down.

Merkel, who didn’t oppose Greece putting 74 percent losses on private investors in 2011, said no way is that scenario going to happen to the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that is putting up $325 billion in two bailouts to prop up a Greek economy killed by generations of wild overspending and hiring hundreds of thousands of needless workers.

If Greece were to give its public lenders a so-called “haircut” – some analysts said as much as 40 percent or more is needed – that would leave it to taxpayers in Germany and the other 15 Eurozone countries to pick up the tab for Greece’s 40-year-spending spree. Merkel said that would undermine the Eurozone.

Schaeuble had said the Greeks should stick to reforms instead of whining about not being able to pay what it owes as Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras floated a trial balloon about whether Greece could be allowed not to pay all its debts.

Merkel pointed to the possible consequences of another writedown in the 17-country Eurozone and the danger that others might seek a similar deal. Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus have also received bailouts.

She said another debt relief deal “could lead to such massive uncertainty among all investors in the Eurozone that everything we have done in recent years would again be in question.” She’s also anxious to keep Europe quiet while her party faces elections in September.


  1. You are a BITCHY nation. he Western World has spoon feed you morons for centuries since your birth 1831. Do not forget were German Kings and the other Europeans that have been baby-sitting you Anatolian Orthodox in Grexit. Enough is enough grow up and work for your living. Nation of beggars without a shed of dignity.

  2. I would agree that some Greeks are shameless parasites (see communists) but trying to lump in our entire country and calling all Greek “morons” smacks of racism towards Greeks.

    Claiming Greeks were”spoon fed”. in the last 200 years is plain bizarre. You seem to have “forgotten” the massacres of Greeks by Turks, Italians, Albanians, Bulgarians, and of course Germans,

    And lets not forget today… where large numbers of patronizing bigots (like say you) pretend not to notice the former Yugoslavians turning into ancient Macedonians and open threats against our country. (i.e. a subtle attempt to ethnically delete us).

    In short, go f-ck yourself.

  3. Although (some) Germans are self-righteous twats with their over-the-top-lecturing about not paying back debts (see anti-Greek BIlt.. whose economic memory begins post 1945)… Merkel is not to blame for our debts or the need to balance our budgets.

    She has tried her best to balance the interests of her own country with European interests (pouring billiions of German taxpayer dollars into European coffers). We should not unfairly demonize her like the shameless communists do. It’s our own fault we borrowed too much money and we should blame Germans for it anymore than Germans should blame us for levelling our country. We each have to take moral responsibility for our own mistakes.

  4. International money lenders don’t care about Greece they want to asset strip it, would you let them purchase ALL of your utilities, services, shops, heck even territory to some rich Qatari scumbags?

  5. You are right that money lenders don’t care about Greece but that is true about basically everyone. (as witnessed by the fact nearly everyone pretends not to notice the Skopians behavior )

    I don’t believe everything should be privatized but clearly some things need to be cut away. The pain may be great now, but privatization will ultimately lead to development to finally balance budgets (since our government will no longer be burdened with expense of maintaining them)

    More importantly though… we have to ween Greeks off the mentality the state owes them money and break the anti-business attitudes.

    Its only by creating Greeks with an unrelenting focus on trade and production can we have any hope of taking back our name and country. No one will take us seriously as “real” Greeks for as long as we are a second rate banana republic economy.

  6. The whole economy in Greece is designed to fail it’s just the first in Europe to succumb the Zionists plan for europe, to asset strip it.

    No important service needs to be privatised, plus who gets the real money from all the supposed investment you want?

    It’s certainly not greeks, since they’re being ethnically cleansed and replaced with foreigners who’ll work for starvation rations, Capitalism is the problem.

  7. I agree some are trying to ethnically cleanse Greeks. However, I would point out this is not the first time we’ve lost control of Greece.

    Granted the leftist extreme anti-nationalist multicultural ideology is destroying their identity. However, not all Greeks subscribe to their views. For those Greeks life will go on.

    As for Zionists, some Greeks in GD worry too much about what they are doing and not enough about what they themselves are doing. I have great respect for Jews (at least the ones that aren’t anti-Greek). Most of them are better at Hellenic classics like physics, philosophy, mathematics, than Greeks themselves.

    Nothing is stopping any Greek today from uncovering another layer of the physics onion. Nothing is stopping Greeks from developing a cure for cancer or a more efficient algorithms for transporting and encrypting data. There is boundless opportunity sitting there that doesn’t not require state assistance. Greeks need to step away from excuses towards a mentality of production.

    We have to break this mindset of parasitic dependence on the state and create a new type of Greek focused on economic production. Without production and the wealth it brings we cannot defend ourselves.

  8. University is certainly ideal but in practice the internet provides an educational opportunity that the ancient librarians of Alexandrian could only dream of.

    There is massive opportunity sitting there for any Greek interested in pursuiting it (rather than excuses about how someone else is to blame for our economic problems)

  9. Consider the case of communist North Korea that wanted to nationalize everything and rant against capitalism…. versus the South that embraced it. (the south has around 20 times the GDP/capita)

    Some Greeks claim capitalism destroyed Greece but they couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality it was socialism that destroyed Greece (even by ND that were really soft socialists for most of their existence) .

    It bred a generation of Greeks that expected the government to support them rather than Greeks focused on personal production.

    If we want to learn from our mistakes, we have to change. We can still love our country and protect Hellenism but it has to be under the context of individual Greeks doing it voluntarily rather than a nanny state.

    Where I think the state should play a role is defense of our borders (where IMO it has failed miserably in part because it allocated too many resources in other sectors), education and health care.

    Do we need state funded crosswalk guards? State funded TV? State funded telephone companies?All the other state ventures that sucked back taxpayer dollars for decades? NO. Most of our current government run industries can all be done purely through private sector.

    Anything we fund above the bare necessaries to survive, only weakens our ability to fund those bare necessities.

    Greeks have to learn to take personal responsibility for their own lives.

  10. Anti-Semitic Comments by scum-backs beggars like you is completely out of contest. Lets serve such crisis to bring you to senses and start to be honest to yourselves. Greece has committed so many sins since its creation by the German Kings that only God Knows. GENOCIDE committed against all minority groups within Greece of added territories in 1913 and as a whole. In Greece the extermination process of all ethnic groups within fake state called Greece is the worst model for a EU member. Time for Grexit……….Time for reflection….

  11. Ah. Look another Skopian false flag, Where all the alleged Greeks that keep claiming these false flags don’t exist?

    Greeks have committed “genocide” against no one liar. You don’t give a damn about Jews you manipulative Skopian liar. You only use them as a tool to make blood libel against Greeks. (part of your racist anti-Greek campaign)

    The fake state is the former Yugoslavia.. and the fake ethnic identity is you former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians that have turned into “ancient macedonians”
    right before the eyes of your scumbag apologists.

    Time for reflection…

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us an alexander the Great. ” – Kiro Gligorov first President of FYROM

  12. An old man in a wheelchair and a fat mannish woman now govern Greece. The nation and the citizens are the laughing stock of the world. When you sell your daughters, sisters and wives as whores to the Germans, how much will you charge?

  13. Every nation needs state-funded telecoms, a State news/TV channel.

    Greece has lots of resources, the State should be the one using them not some fat Qatari boy lover.

    On that Regard Every nation should strive for a NHS, free education and not be raped by jewish money men so they can go-to uni.

  14. State funded TV channels didn’t exist only a few decades ago yet nations existed. Even today the state has many means today to communicate with citizens (and can get airtime from TV/Radio whenever it needs it in an emergency). That’s money that could have gone to education and healthcare.

  15. He’s a Skopian troll.

    1913 is the Balkans wars. The Skopian propagandists claim “Macedonia” was illegally divided in 1913 (their transparent attempt to insinuate Macedonia Greece is “occupied”)

    . They neglect to mention there was no Macedonia in 1913 and that most of their ancestors still self-identified as Bulgarians back then. (IMRO being a Bulgarian organization)

  16. So you want to stick the youth on the internet for education and not in the correct environment, then don’t moan about when the scientific output plummets.

  17. A Nationalised, true to form Nation owned TV station is great.

    Since TV/Radio is one of the biggest mediums of communication around it’ll be unwise to leave it to scumbag globalised companies to splurt there crap to children.

  18. We need to think long term not short.

    Greeks would be more wise to buy our own TV stations unaccountable to anyone.

  19. Not to dismiss the importance of formal education but for those interested in production rather than excuses, university is not an absolute. (e.g Bill Gates never completed university)

    University is a structured format but education is ultimately about education. It can come from many places. For those interested in educating themselves the internet does provide the opportunity (including reputable universities that are beginning to offer their courses online)

  20. Anyone that would say Greeks are “the laughing stock of the world” can automatically be dismissed as credible.

  21. Good point. By allowing to be ruled by Germans and from Brussells, Greeks are the laughing stock of the pseudo-democratic world.

  22. Th reason Merkel (and Shaueble) is saying what shed does is that the German people will kick her out of office is they feel she threw away their money. Which what bailed out Greece going into default will look like.

    The reality is that they bailed out their own banks more then they “helped” Greece. The “debt” was unsustainable 5 years ago as much as it is today. All this “lending” did was prolong the economic anguish.

    There is no doubt,, not even the slightest that Greece will need to give everyone another scalping. Even if you raided every bank account in Greece, there is simply not enough money to pay it. We know, they know it, but still, the dance of denial is going on and will go on for at least another several months. As long as they are willing to give us money, we are willing to take it, the minute they stop, we can’t pay.

    So the dance continues….

  23. Greeks are not being forced by Germans or Brussels to do anything. We are volentarily agreeing to cuts in exchange for loans. Granted most of the loan money is leaving Greece (going back to pay foreign lenders) and we are currently experiencing economic pains but this is the cost we must face for our mistake.

  24. You are not interested in the welfare of Greeks but the German and French banks. You are a phony and, may I add, a flaming asshole

  25. Good post.

    It;s true Merkle in co. are trying to appeal to German populists. Half of Germans are anti-Greek these days (much like we have our own fanatics that go on and on about the Germans as if they are somehow to blame for our economic problems)

    You are also right that the bailouts are for foreign lenders (which is to be expected ). There will be another haircut. Whether voluntary or messy . with high levels of unemployment, there is simply no way to service the debt.

    The problem at the moment is we are downsizing but free enterprise is not yet picking up the slack.

    IMO the chief reason for this is the 35% of our population that are hard core leftist extremists. Rather than create a climate friendly to business they are using extreme rhetoric that is fermenting of atmosphere of class warfare (slandering their opponents as “fascists” rather than embracing business and focusing on entrepreneurial spirit)

    Who would want to invest in Greece these days only to face demonization from communists and endless general strikes? How can someone run a profitable business when unionist think they deserve vast wealth for producing next to nothing?

    Then there is the national obsession with the low skilled low paying tourist industry (rather than science).

  26. Blah blah blah BIG FAT GREEK LIES. Keep dreaming . Greece is wasted beyond repair. GENOCIDES you dirty scum-backs committed towards the all populations in the added territories will haunt you till the DOOMS Day……

  27. It is you Skopians that are trying to commit genocide against the Greek people.

    You are not very believable when you borrows lines directly from big far liar Stefov. Does Risto the “minor” fact in his books and articles his ancestors were confirmed self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians? Or does he only teach you Skopians to give blood libel rants against Greeks and blame us for your own historical propaganda and endless hate speech against Greeks?

  28. Sure buddy. You are another “Greek” patriot. This is why you are nowhere to be found when Skopians are trolling this website and call Greeks a “laughing stock” of the world.

    You care.

  29. Geez… you think “Alex” likes to make enough comments talking to himself? Wow– this kid is sicker than we thought!

  30. Do you understand much Greek? Try this for size? Tis manas sou to mouni to ksereis?

    I will agree with you about Grexit? Unfortunately that Teutonic bitch won’t allow it to happen. There seems to be a bit more bled left to suck.

  31. Alex, tell me why don’t you attack the real theats to Greece and her sovereignty. namely the EU and it’s sycophants? Why don’t you use your power for good instead of evil? You can’t accuse me of not savaging Skopians every chance I get

  32. You know when someone is a nationalist enemy when they try to imply “Greece is the only nation that..”.

    Every nation is acting “selifshly”. It’s just that others are hiding better lately.

  33. What do you care about Greece? You support the Skopians favourite party….treasonous communist Syriza.

  34. Notice yet another handle modded up the Skopian… yet no one claims to be a Skopian!

    The manipulative bastards (and their apologists) are effectively at war with us but unfortunately many Greeks have no clue what’s going on.

  35. How can you say I am not Greek when I speak it a thousand times better than you? I understand Greek culture a lot better than you. I was born and raised in Kilkis. Your actual knowledge of Greek is very minimal. Sorry, but your posts don’t display much knowledge regarding the country. For the record, I am Pontian, and yes, we are very much Ellines. Believe it if you want. I know who I am. I am certainly no blockheaded Slav pretending to be a Hellene.

    I can’t stand Skopians especially when they refer to themselves as Macedonian. I and others do not criticise you for being anti Skopian. I criticise you for your blind, one sided loyalty to Shifty Sammy. You are an apologist for all he does. He is a nothing but a lap poodle for his EU masters. And yes, the EU is the biggest threat to Greece sovereignty and independence, far bigger than the Skopians.

    This obsession with austerity is breaking the spirits of everyday Greeks, including my loved family members and friends. It is only done to steal from everyday Greeks to ensure banks font lose any money. This handing over sovereignty to the EU in what is the ‘save he euro at any expense’ exercise is causing Greece to lose her sovereignty in the formation of a hideous European super state. That is the real threat.

    Don’t forget Turkey is knocking at the door to get in the EU. Once that happens Greece will be flooded with Turks and then it’s game over.

    Sure , the EU isn’t trying to annex 1/3 of the country, they are trying to strip the WHOLE Country. Turkey is trying to annex Thaki, Crete and all the Aegean islands. Albania is trying to annex Epirus. You never mention them, Why is that? Sure Skopians are stupid mounopana but they are not the biggest threat to Greece.

    IF Greece is free of the EU and is strong then no son of a bitch dares to threaten her. Unfortunately sycophants like Papandreou, Venizelos and Samaras have rendered her tootheless.

    If you are a true Greek as you say you will see where the biggest theat lies. You are so blinded and so one eyed you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to take you seriously when you can barely speak the language. Vacations to Greece every couple of years don’t make you an expert.

  36. I said I do not know if you are Greek or not. If you were paying attention on this website you’d notice the Skopians come here and constantly LIE (claiming to be Greeks as well as all sorts of other groups) They Skopians also obsess over me….and whine and whine about our moderate coalition government…. much like you do. Whom do you think will win an election if ND loses? The Skopians favourite party… communist Syriza.

    Claiming the EU is our biggest threat is absurd. The biggest threat to our country is the Skopians. They and their apologists are literally trying to ethnically delete our very identity.


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