Olympic Air Stop Flights to Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Rhodes

sok-stin-agora-i-Olympic-Air-stamataei-tis-ptiseis-pros-irakleio-thessaloniki-kai-rodo-1-315x236Olympic Air will connect Athens with Thessaloniki and Heraklion only until 13 October, 2013, as the Greek regional airline, formed from the privatization of the former national carrier Olympic Airlines will soon announce the suspension of these flights.

In parallel, the airline company also ceases its flights to and from Rhodes. In letters that have already been sent by the company to its partners are stated the following:

“Dear colleagues,

We would like to inform you that, from 14th of October 2013 the flights from Athens to Heraklion and from Athens to Thessaloniki are suspended. For the tickets of Olympic Air which have already been booked for trips after the above mentioned date the total value of the tickets can be returned, directly via GDS (Refund notice), as long as a ATH/HER coupon and vice versa or a ATH/SKG coupon and vice versa is included.

In addition, for those passengers who have booked an ΟΑ (050) ticket, which included the flight ATH/HER and vice versa or ΑΤΗ/SKG and vice versa, after 13th of October 2013, and do not wish to take the reimbursement of the value of their tickets, you can find below the reissue process of these particular tickets in AEGEAN (A3) flights. On this occasion, Olympic Air, thanks you for your cooperation so far.”


  1. Poor old Olympic. If there is no more flights to Thessaloniki or Iraklion, then what is left? RIP Olympic. Not the best airline in terms of service but it had a great safety record and lots of character.

  2. Olympic was ripped apart slowly. It was dying before this happened. This is the last nail in the coffin. I gather Aegean will pick up the slack.


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